Minding the gap

Minding the gap
Minding the gap

GF Machining Solutions has introduced two new innovations designed to further improve the productivity and performance of its advanced EDM die-sink machines

and, as a consequence, help make customers more competitive.

iGAP is an embedded auto-adaptive system which can, by responding to changing machining conditions, alter the discharge current and pulse duration in real time to deliver improved cutting speeds and reduced electrode wear – especially lateral wear.

The system can be selected by customers from the machine's HMI control and is most effective when using graphite electrodes to machine ribs and parts with multi-cavities with a spark gap less than 0.2mm. In numerous machining trials, iGAP was shown to reduce both the time taken to machine completed parts (by as much as 50%), and to significantly reduce electrode wear. iGAP is available on GF Machining Solutions' Form 200, 300 and 400 machines, and Form 1000, 2000 VHP and Form 3000 VHP machines.

A new innovation from GF is Wear Partitioning; a function that effectively manages electrode wear when machining multi-cavities.

If and when electrode is being used to machine a number of cavities it is clear that (due to electrode wear) those cavities being machined at the start of the machining process will be more exact and have a better surface finish than those machined at end.

By selecting the Wear Partitioning function on GF Machining Solutions' die-sink machines the geometric details of an electrode are protected because electrode wear is spread evenly between all the cavities being machined.

For die-sinking operations involving the machining of multi-cavities with the same shape and depth, and the same surface finish and dimensional tolerance requirements, Wear Partitioning can help manufacturers achieve more homogenous results and reduce the number of electrodes required – no need to manufacture new and/or replacement electrodes.

Wear Partitioning is available on GF Machining Solutions' Form 200, 300 and 400 machines, and Form 1000, 2000 VHP and 3000 VHP machines.


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