New grades for hardened steel

Mitsubishi Materials releases BC8100 series for turning of hardened steel
Mitsubishi Materials releases BC8100 series for turning of hardened steel

For the efficient turning of high hardened steel, Mitsubishi Materials has an extensive range of coated CBN insert grades, the BC8100 series.

Four grades make up the complete range. The first is BC8105 for high speeds and fine surface finishing. This grade can provide long tool life and fine surface finishes of Ra 0.6µm or better due to the improved lubricity of the CrAlN and TiAlN layered coating.

The second is BC8110. This is the first choice for continuous high speed and light interrupted machining up to 310m/minute cutting speeds.

Third is BC8120 for general applications which delivers high wear resistance and cutting-edge toughness through use of a substrate with a new micro-particle binder that prevents crack development. This micro particle binder is also adopted across the whole 8100 series.

And finally, BC8130 is for the toughest workpieces and for heavily interrupted cutting. Peeling of the coating, usually caused by the impact of interrupted machining, is prevented by the adoption of a high CBN content substrate and a customised ceramic coating.

All grades incorporate next generation advanced ceramic coating technology that provides excellent wear resistance and improves productivity. All the different coatings include a TiAlN layer that improves adhesion between the base layer and the CBN surface whilst also generating high peeling resistance. Whilst each coating has similarities, they also have their own application-specific characteristics.

Serious thought and research resulted in the innovative new substrate technology used across the whole BC8100 series. Micro and medium grain CBN particles are bound together by an ultra-micro particle binder material. This prevents linear crack development and sudden fracturing by dispersing the impact and cutting forces radially. The result is consistently high performance for the end user.

To extend the potential of these CBN grades, Mitsubishi now has available a wide range of ISO insert geometries with an extensive choice of standard honing types for small depths of cut through to heavy interrupted applications. Additionally, two chipbreakers are available for removing carburised layers and for intermittent hard soft material machining.

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