Coolant switch reaps dividends for Andover manufacturer

Andover-based MRT Castings has been in operation for 70 years and offers a complete engineering solution from design, casting and CNC machining through to finishing, assembly and logistics.

The company manufactures high-quality die castings in aluminium and zinc alloys, with extensive facilities for CNC machining and electro-mechanical assembly. The business is a leading component supplier to a diverse range of global industries, including medical, defence, aerospace, electronics and general engineering. MRT has over 26 CNC machining centres and turning centres at its disposal.

MRT Castings is continually looking to improve its operational efficiencies and as part of this ongoing process, cutting fluid specialist Chem Arrow Europe was invited to investigate changing its existing soluble metalworking fluid to seek improved tool life, cleanliness and enhanced tapping performance.

Due to the incoming water quality, soft aluminium materials and mineral build up on machine tools, Chem Arrow was able to select a high performance soluble product suitable for use across all of MRT’s machines.  

Chem Arrow Europe recommended the use of its ArrowCool SOL-827, which is a high performance, low maintenance product designed for use in conditioned water. ArrowCool SOL-827 is a multi-metal compatible soluble oil which is formulated from the ground up to be low foaming, operator friendly and bio resistant.

“Chem Arrow are a very proactive partner to work with, covering all of our metalworking fluid requirements working with a variety of materials from aluminium to steel,” explains MRT Castings’ managing director, Phil Rawnson. “They’re on site regularly and help us with monitoring the quality of the coolant, educating and supporting the team.

“Since we made the switch to the new soft water fluid, we’ve noted significant improvements in tool life, and machine and component cleanliness. We have worked with Chem Arrow for many years and their ongoing support and guidance has been invaluable in terms of process optimisation and maximising our productivity.”

In addition to enhanced tool life through the use of ArrowCool SOL-827, MRT has experienced enhanced tapping performance on soft materials and reduced machine downtime due to better sump life.

Chem Arrow educated, trained and supported the team at MRT Castings when transitioning to the new product through the provision of hardware, reporting data and HSE guidance.

Chem Arrow Europe

MRT Castings

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