New bandsaw is perfect for demanding applications

The high-performance HBE560A Performance automatic bandsaw
The high-performance HBE560A Performance automatic bandsaw

With the HBE Performance series, Behringer offers a particularly powerful and robust saw line that is especially effective in rough environments.

From stainless steel and tool steel through to tempered steels, special alloys and aluminium in different sizes, shapes and qualities, the HBE560A Performance is designed for demanding operations in the steel trade, in the manufacturing industry and in metal production.

With a cutting range of 560 x 560mm (optionally 610 x 610mm), it covers a wide field of applications. Its heavy-duty design, the use of state-of-the-art servo technology and its precise guide system provide the prerequisites for the economical use of carbide and bi-metal saw blades. Band guiding parts and the entire saw frame are manufactured from grey cast iron and provide vibration dampening directly at the cutting point. This noticeably increases the service life of the saw blades used.

Highest cutting performance when sawing with bimetal and carbide saw blades
Highest cutting performance when sawing with bimetal and carbide saw blades

With its innovative operating concept, Behringer’s new BehrCtrl10 machine control system offers maximum convenience and supports the user in selecting the optimum performance values. The revised Auto-Feed-Control (AFC) with extensive material and tool database automatically sets all the necessary technology parameters for cutting speed and saw feed. This offers high productivity and at the same time helps to reduce operating costs through optimum tool life.

The servo feed system of the HBE560A Performance shows its strengths over hydraulic systems especially when sawing large diameters at low feed rates. The consistent feed rate generated by a ballscrew spindle and servo motor results in constant chip removal and contributes to a smooth and steady cutting process. The result is high cutting performance and long blade life.

The wide chip conveyor with integrated coolant tank is located below the funnel-shaped machine base of the HBE560A Performance. Chips and coolant are therefore guided into the conveyor in a process-safe manner. The ejection height of 800mm allows the use of large chip containers and for cleaning purposes, the conveyor can simply be moved out of the machine.

The new, intuitive control interface for bandsaws and circular saws from Behringer Eisele
The new, intuitive control interface for bandsaws and circular saws from Behringer Eisele

Saw band cleaning on the HBE560A Performance has also been consistently developed to the next level. An electrically driven brush effectively cleans off chips adhering to the saw band. A quick-change device allows the user to replace the brushes when they wear easily and conveniently.

The machine’s full enclosure not only complies with current CE directives, but also meets the growing demands for user-friendliness and occupational and environmental safety. The advantages are obvious: maintaining a clean working environment, noise reduction and at the same time good access and visibility into the machine. The maintenance-friendly concept ensures easy saw blade change without tools and good accessibility for maintenance or cleaning work.




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