Non-destructive inspection of components - simplified

With Zeiss Metrotom 1, Zeiss is introducing an entry-level solution for the non-destructive inspection of parts. This compact computed tomography system delivers precise results whilst being simply to operate.

“Many companies already value the advantages of non-destructive inspection, however small and medium-sized businesses often view computed tomography (CT) as being too complex,” said Dr Petra Schmidt, head of field of business X-ray at Zeiss.

“With our new CT system, the Metrotom 1, Zeiss has developed an entry-level solution that is simple to operate. Simply place the parts to be inspected in the system, press the button, and analyse the measurement results.

“Another advantage is the fact that the Metrotom requires minimal maintenance so operating costs are low and the return on investment is relatively rapid,” she continued. “The compact machine, which is just 1,750mm wide and 870mm deep and should fit in any metrology area can be used to measure small-to-medium-sized parts manufactured from plastic or light metal such as connectors, plastic caps or aluminium castings.”



Carl Zeiss [**]

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