Nuclear fusion: New supply chain contracts available for major projects

A nuclear fusion facility in Culham, Oxfordshire
A nuclear fusion facility in Culham, Oxfordshire

The Government research organisation responsible for developing nuclear fusion power is opening up more opportunities to UK manufacturing and engineering companies.

The UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) will be running a series of supply chain events this year to showcase its major projects and highlight the contract opportunities they offer.

With increased Government investment in fusion and new test centres working with academic and industrial partners, more opportunities are growing.

Projects covered will include:

  • STEP, the UK fusion powerplant project

  • RACE (UKAEA’s robotics centre)

  • New Fusion Technology Facilities at Culham and at Rotherham

  • The H3AT tritium research facility

  • Opportunities at ITER, the international fusion experiment based at Cadarache, France

  • Development of the Culham Science Centre campus

The first event will be held at the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC), Coventry on 11th February. Register interest here. UKAEA senior managers and procurement staff will be on hand to discuss the opportunities and how you can work with us.

UKAEA will cover a wide range of topics from campus upgrades to technical engineering and project management delivery. The organisation will also educate attendees on how to do business with UKAEA and what its expectations are.

If you are unable to make the first event, please visit the website below to subscribe for future event updates.




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