Precision Products opts for familiar MecWash machinery in cleaning system upgrade

Brighton engineering company Precision Products has commissioned a new MecWash Duo 400 system, which has slashed washing cycle times and water consumption.

Having already owned a MecWash system that has served the company across two decades, Precision Products was familiar with the marque’s reliability and cleaning standards, having used it for CNC turned parts supplied to wide range of industries, from aerospace and automotive, to hydraulics, telecoms, and brewing.

Sally Thorley, managing director of Precision Products, commented: “We have saved 34% on the cycle time for cleaning one of our high-volume parts and 66% on the cycle time for cleaning our empty tubs, which means we can now wash them on a daily basis.”

The East Sussex-based company specialises in precision CNC turned parts, producing low and high-volume parts and components on a range of CNC fixed and sliding head machines, with diameters measuring anything from 2mm to 65mm.

The stringent cleaning standards in the precision engineering industry are delivered by the Duo 400 implemented by the business, cleaning away soils such as swarf, coolant, and tramp oil.

In order to reduce water consumption in the cleaning processes, the MecWash Duo installation has been supplemented by the innovative AquaSave system. AquaSave Technologies is a division of MecWash and its equipment is designed to help maintain wash machine water quality. It negates the need to dispose of industrial waste water through a recover and reuse process, allowing the water to be recycled. This offers significant production and environmental benefits.   

“We have added an AquaSave machine to the unit which is new for us,” Ms Thorley adds. “We’re expecting a 75% reduction in water consumption.”

The versatility offered by the Duo 400 machine allows Precision Products to utilise its own baskets in the cleaning processes. “It was an obvious choice for us to purchase again from MecWash, given that we have had an older machine that has served us well for 16 years. The new machine allows us to use our own baskets, so this versatility offered by the Duo 400 certainly factored into our decision when looking for an upgrade.”

John Pattison, managing director of MecWash enthuses: “It’s great to receive repeat business from our customers and it shows a real vote of confidence in our abilities to produce the highest quality machinery that will meet and surpass the exacting cleaning requirements of the precision engineering industry.

“Precision Products’ decision to implement an AquaSave machine into their installation means water can be recovered in the cleaning cycle, reducing disposal costs and water rates.”




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