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Tri-Tech has supplied two Stratasys 3D printing systems to the NMIS site in Renfrewshire
Tri-Tech has supplied two Stratasys 3D printing systems to the NMIS site in Renfrewshire

In June 2023, Tri-Tech 3D, UK provider of Stratasys, One-Click Metal and XJet 3D printing solutions, supported the National Manufacturing Institute Scotland (NMIS) with the opening of its new facility in Renfrewshire, Scotland.

The new site supports manufacturers with the adoption of innovative production technologies, including additive manufacturing (AM). Though AM is growing in popularity, many manufacturers still use it as a prototyping tool rather than for large-scale production. To help manufacturers more easily integrate AM on an industrial-scale, Tri-Tech 3D installed two of its flagship Stratasys systems in the new facility’s Additive Zone. 

The new site in Renfrewshire is home to the NMIS Manufacturing Skills Academy, as well as a fully connected digital factory and a publicly accessible Collaboration Hub. The facility now covers everything from hobbyist machines, to prototyping systems, to high-end industrial solutions.

To showcase the benefits of production-scale AM, Tri-Tech 3D supplied the Fortus 900 and J850 – Stratasys’ flagship fused deposition modelling (FDM) and PolyJet systems. Both systems provide reliable outputs, making them ideal for the factory floor.

As well as supplying the two systems, Tri-Tech 3D and training partner Cadspec will work closely with NMIS staff to help upskill manufacturers in the region. Together, Tri-Tech 3D and Cadspec will give regular demonstrations, meet with customers and offer practical advice on how to improve both additive and subtractive manufacturing processes.

“Manufacturing is responsible for 47% of Scotland’s business expenditure on research and development,” explains Adrian Painter, managing director at Tri-Tech 3D. “NMIS provides access to industry leading systems so that these manufacturers can turn research into reality, efficiently and at scale. The strength of the support, as well as the technology, available at NMIS will help it develop as a hugely influential location for advanced manufacturing.”

“By installing two of our largest systems at the new NMIS site, we can manufacture on a practical level,” Mr Painter adds. “Together, we can help harness the power of AM and optimise production processes in Scotland and beyond.”

Part of the Stanford Marsh Group, Tri-Tech 3D is a leading UK expert in 3D printing. It offers the complete range of Stratasys Polyjet, FDM, SL and SAF 3D printing technologies, as well as resellers for One Click Metal systems.

The Stoke-on-Trent based company, provides a comprehensive service from advice on initial specification and supply of 3D printing hardware to on-site installation, staff training, and on-going product support.

Tri-Tech 3D

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