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Yamazaki Mazak is set to showcase 13 productivity-enhancing solutions from its global portfolio of machine tool and laser-cutting machines, as part of a MACH stand dedicated to maximising efficiency for machine users across all areas of the UK’s manufacturing landscape.

With key sectors such as oil and gas making a resurgence in 2017, coupled with the ongoing buoyancy of automotive manufacturing and the fast-paced nature of the UK’s thriving medical devices market, Mazak will bring a stand fully-focused on showcasing its broad range of sector-specific metalcutting solutions that can enable manufacturers of all sizes and stages of the supply chain to drive productivity and cut downtime.

Productivity will be at the heart of its MACH 2018 stand, and Mazak will also use the platform to showcase its suite of Industry 4.0 solutions, which were first unveiled at EMO. The Mazak iSMART Factory works in partnership with Smooth Technology – claimed to be the world’s fastest CNC – to improve overall equipment effectiveness and facilitate data driven manufacturing via the seamless connection of the factory and office networks; the essence of Industry 4.0 in its purest and most accessible form.

Aero applications

Aerospace has been one of the long-term successes for UK industry, and for Mazak. The UK-made VTC-800/30SR is a vertical travelling column machining centre capable of full 5-axis contouring, perfectly suited to both aerospace applications as well as for general subcontract manufacturing.

The machine has been designed specifically for the machining of extremely long workpieces or can be converted into two separate work areas, enabling pendulum loading and batch manufacturing. It is equipped with an 18,000rpm 35kW (50% ED) milling spindle; while a swivelling B-axis spindle head, in conjunction with the NC rotary table, offers full 5-axis simultaneous machining.

Alongside will be another aerospace specific machine, namely the HCR-5000S, a 5-axis horizontal machining centre specifically developed for high-speed 5-axis aluminium cutting. Equipped with a 6,300mm diameter table offering a large 700mm diameter and 500kg workpiece capacity, this agile machine has ultra-fast acceleration and a high jerk rate, allied to an optional 30,000rpm 80kW high-performance milling spindle for ultra-high productivity.

The final machine suited to aerospace applications will be the Integrex i-800V/8 which combines full 5-axis milling, powerful turning operations and pallet-changing capabilities. Specifically, the machine has the ability to quickly process large, highly complex workpieces on a vertical platform. Equipped with a tilting high power 10,000rpm 37kW main spindle, the i-800V/8 also benefits from a 45kW turning table powered by a direct drive motor for a complete done-in-one solution.

Oil and auto

One of the defining trends for 2017 was the return to productivity of the oil and gas industry, and the revitalisation looks set to positively impact all stages of the supply chain throughout 2018. The Integrex i-400S machining centre is ideally suited to multiple applications, but has been particularly successful in the oil and gas industry due to its large machining capacity, which claims to be bigger than any other machining centre in its category. The Integrex can handle workpieces up to 1,519mm in length with a swing capacity of 658mm diameter.

The automotive sector is characterised by a highly demanding supply chain reliant on fast-turnaround times with minimal downtime. Mazak’s stand at MACH will host two state-of-the-art automation systems ideally suited to the automotive sector, including the Multiplex W-300Y + GL-200: a twin-spindle, two-turret machine equipped with superfast gantry loader for ultimate productivity. This machine and automation configuration is equipped with a new rack and pinion drive system for the gantry loader which offers rapid rates in the A- and B-axes of 75 and 160m/minute respectively, realising a potential 25% reduction in load/unload time.

Another highlight for automotive visitors is the new UK-manufactured Quick Turn 250MY and TA-12, a plug and play turning centre and robotic machine tending solution. Ideal for applications that require lights-out unmanned and overnight running, both the machine tool and Fanuc M-10iA robot are controlled from the Mazak SmoothG CNC, which provides a continuous interface and rapid set-up.

For the growing number of UK machine users standardising on Siemens control, Mazak will also be displaying another UK-made machine from its VTC series: the VTC-760C fitted with Siemens 828D control.

Laser blazers

Finally, following the considerable growth Mazak has experienced in the laser market in recent years, MACH will also display the latest Optiplex 3015 DDL 4kW which utilises new direct diode laser technology. The 3015 is the next generation of solid state laser for the industrial laser applications, and offers excellent efficiency for UK users. The machine can cut thin material 20% faster than fibre lasers, and process thick materials with exemplary surface quality.

Alan Mucklow, managing director UK & Ireland sales division for Yamazaki Mazak, comments: “The UK is the eighth largest manufacturing country in the world and, with manufacturing responsible for 10% of total output (£177 billion) and 44% of all UK exports, its success is intrinsically linked with the nation’s economic performance. Technology that can facilitate a step-change in productivity is integral to maintaining strong performance and driving growth.

“Mazak prides itself on the in-depth market-specific knowledge it has for each key manufacturing sector, and this knowledge is the cornerstone of the R&D process for each new machining technology brought to market. Ultimately, whether you work in the aerospace, automotive, energy or general subcontract markets, Mazak can provide a metalcutting solution designed for that sector.

“However, the machining technology is only half of the productivity battle faced by manufacturers. With Smooth Technology and the iSMART Factory concept, we have created an operating infrastructure that can allow Mazak technology and third-party systems to work in unison, to facilitate the greater use of automation and generate better data transparency.

“Maximising productivity boils down to harmonising all elements of the production process, from the shopfloor through to the management office, and the machines live-cutting at MACH will demonstrate how it can be achieved across a variety of the UK’s key industrial sectors. It is set to be a fantastic week and we are very much looking forward to championing productivity for UK manufacturers throughout the exhibition.”

Yamazaki Mazak www.mazakeu.co.uk Stand: H20-760/790




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