Rates & Specs

Advertising Rates

Print Display Advertising

Display Page
Size - MM HxW
Double Page Spread
317 x 474
Single Page
317 x 229
197 x 135
Half Page Spread
155 x 474
Half Page (Horizontal)
155 x 229
Half Page (Vertical)
317 x 112
Quarter Page (Vertical)
155 x 112
Double Column Vertical
317 x 89
65mm Horizontal Strip
65 x 229
45mm Horizontal Strip
45 x 229
A4 Page
Double Page Spread
267 x 369
Single Page
267 x 180
Half Page (Horizontal)
130 x 180
Half Page (Vertical)
267 x 85
Quarter Page (Vertical)
130 x 85
66 x 88
Search Engine (12months)
20 x 40
Search Engine (12months)
30 x 40
Search Engine (12months)
50 x 40
Subcontract Profile
122 x 137

Digital Advertising

£167 / month
Sponsored content
£200 / month
Home Page Takeover
£1500 / week
Home Page Button
£116 / month
Newsletter and Ecasts
Sponsorship Button
£550 / Edition
Client Brochure
4 page Brochure
£850 / year
> additional Pages
£18 / year
Digital Edition
Sponsored Logo
£395 / Edition
Corporate Videos
Hosted Videos

Mechanical Data

Print Display Advertising

Application files Quark Xpress, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Indesign with all supporting files and fonts included.

Pictures High resolution TIFF, JPEG and EPS formats. Resolution should be 300dpi at the size to be published. Colour pictures should be saved as CMYK and mono images as greyscale.

PDF Files Distil using Acrobat 4 or higher with compression set at press quality, all fonts embedded. Please also supply a colour proof to the address below as we cannot be held liable for any colour variations otherwise.

Digital Advertising

Website adverts Suitable for Animated files. Details on application
*dimensions below

Leaderboard/horizontal bar (Home Page and Sitewide)

  • Standard 490px x 85px  (Required)
  • Retina Screens 980px x 170px (Optional)


Corporate Logo’s (Home Page and Sitewide)

  • Logos are to be supplied in a 50% grey colour
  • Standard 190px x 80px (Required)
  • Retina Screens 380px * 160px  (optional)


Home Page Takeover

(include’s Top Homepage Leaderboard and coloured vertical side bars)

Horizontal Centre Bar

  • Large Screens
    1500px x 400px (Required)
  • Medium Screens
    740px x 300px (Required)
  • Small Screens
    480px x 300px (Required)
  • Retina Screens – 960px x 600px (Optional)
  • Background colour in Hexadecimal (HEX) format

please note the same back round colour will be used for the vertical side bars.


In Content Advert

  • Logos are to be supplied in full colour (Coloured background with logo on top would be preferred)
  • Standard 670px x 350px (Required)
  • Please supply a title and a description of no more than 40 words

**ALL adverts (images and text) need to be viewable at a minimum of 320px


Newsletters and Ecasts

Sponsorship of Editor’s Newsletter 490 x 85 pixels – No Animated files

e-Shots – Html format full details on application


Client Brochures

Details on application

PES Digital delivery

Details on application

Printed advertisements appear within the Digital Edition with embedded HTML links.