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Smart Factory Expo will return as a live event from 10-11 November 2021, as 3,000 of the UK manufacturing sector’s most senior leaders descend on the Liverpool Exhibition Centre to network, learn, and discover the next generation of manufacturing equipment, machinery and technology.

Now in its sixth year, Smart Factory Expo is the industry’s largest digital manufacturing exhibition, and provides a showcase of the technologies transforming the industry via 140 exhibitors across ten distinct visitor zones.

Meanwhile, 184 speakers will give presentations on topics such as smart infrastructure, automation, robotics, industrial data, AI, advanced manufacturing machine tools, and everything else concerned with the industrial digital transformation journey.

The exhibition also provides a key platform for decision-makers from across the manufacturing spectrum to meet and share ideas, through a series of dinners and networking events.  

“The pace of change in the sector has been increased by the pandemic, with 67% of manufacturing decision-makers citing it as a key driver in accelerating their investment intentions,” said Nick Hussey, CEO of Hennik Research and organiser of Smart Factory Expo.

“But the technology is complex and ever more so; even the most basic of decisions around replacing an aging lathe must be considered in relation to an overall strategy and developments in new technology and materials. So the question isn’t which lathe? But do we still need to make those holes?

“Likewise the market is more dynamic than ever with an accelerated pace of change and innovation,” he continued. “Increasingly, sales are made without the seller even knowing or being active in the sale – the research element is huge and the customer is likely to be well informed having researched online, and through peer to peer discussion groups, events and roundtables.

“Whilst these have recently been largely virtual, the desire to get out and meet people, and importantly to see new equipment and technology in action, is palpable.”

Smart Factory Expo is part of Digital Manufacturing Week – a national festival of advanced manufacturing which every year attracts thousands of manufacturers, industry leaders and technology providers. Running alongside are a plethora of events such as the Manufacturing Leader’s Summit, SME Growth Summit, The Manufacturer MX Award and Top 100.   

Smart Factory Expo



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