Updated guide for safe handling/disposal of metalworking fluids

An updated good practice guide for safe handling and disposal of metalworking fluids has been launched by the UK Lubricants Association (UKLA).

The guide, produced by the Metalworking Fluid Product Stewardship Group (MWFPSG) in partnership with the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), aims to keep end users up to date with the latest developments supporting safe management and disposal of metalworking fluids.

The MWFPSG comprises of 18 lubricant suppliers, blenders and marketers who are members of UKLA. Their aim is to assist in the education of end users, to enhance the health and safety provision to members and their customers’ employees, and to provide qualified, expert reviewed information to industry and the public.

Improvements to the revised version of the guide include:

  • An updated introductory section on the requirement for occupational health surveillance for those working with MWF, that is aligned with current HSE guidance

  • Improved guidance statements on managing MWF based on peer review and end user feedback on the first version of this guide

  • Additional advice and illustrations to assist those undertaking checks on the quality of the MWF

The publication can be downloaded/read from the UKLA website here.

UKLA in collaboration with the Chemical Hazards Communication Society is running a webinar, including an outline of the guidance and key control measures. Further information can be found here.

Fiona McGarry, HSE lead on metalworking fluids commented: "Ill-health can be caused by exposure to metalworking fluids, the guide provides practical advice on maintaining fluid quality and the control measures required to protect your workers".

Kevin Duncan, chairman of the MWFPSG added: "The guide provides an important step for the group in defining what good practice looks like in the workplace and promoting this for the benefit of our end users."

UKLA www.ukla.org.uk

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