Simple and precise clamping solutions from Ceratizit

Ceratizit understands the need for flexible part clamping solutions, particularly when loading multi-axis machines with a wide variety of workpieces.

Already offering a comprehensive range of clamping solutions, its new PolyClamp Verso enables machinists to overcome even the trickiest of loading scenarios.

Situations which require both small and large batch sizes of different materials to be machined benefit significantly from clamping systems which have some flexibility in how they can be used.

Ceratizit’s PolyClamp Verso ticks the right boxes in this regard: “Productivity can frequently be increased by at least 30% simply through workpiece handling during clamping and flexible retooling of the clamping technology. In some cases, this increase can even rise as high as 90%,” explains Christoph Retter, product manager for workpiece clamping at Ceratizit.

As a standardised clamp, which can be used in a wide variety of loading scenarios, the PolyClamp Verso ensures that the user benefits from a simple and efficient solution, as well as saving on procurement and storage costs which come from having different clamps for different applications.

The PolyClamp Verso is particularly effective for use in 3-, 4-, or 5-axis machines where it can easily clamp all part variants. However, with base rails that can be combined to connecting elements and 24 variants of clamping jaws, there are no limits to what this model can be adapted to.

“The model’s new design means that even more jaws can now be clamped per base rail, meaning that more, larger, unmachined or finished parts can also be clamped,” Mr Retter adds. “The measurement scales, which are lasered onto the centric vice, offer further benefits when it comes to handling the PolyClamp Verso, as this allows the jaws to be positioned with speed, and accuracy on the rail.”

The system is also equipped with a quick jaw change system which means that through the use of just two screws, the fixed and adjustable jaws can be released, moved upwards or repositioned. The model’s design, which allows one jaw to be removed without dismantling the other, massively reduces setup times and ensures a rapid, accurate and simple machining process.


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