Sizewell C: New UK nuclear plant close to greenlight as government plans UK energy future

Sizewell C nuclear power station 02112020
Sizewell C nuclear power station 02112020

A new nuclear power plant at Sizewell in Suffolk is close to being given the green light by the government.

The BBC has reported talks have intensified in recent weeks with contractor EDF to build Sizewell C as government officials have asserted it remains committed to new nuclear projects.

The announcement is expected to be part of a 10-point government plan published this month. A detailed white paper is thought to be released later in November that will set out UK energy policy for the coming decades.

The application to build Sizewell C was submitted in May this year. When approved, EDF says Sizewell will supply around 6 million homes with always-on, low carbon electricity made in the UK. It will support the expansion of renewables and improve the UK’s national resilience by reducing the need for energy imports.

The new power station will provide a huge stimulus to the UK economy following the coronavirus pandemic. Around 25,000 employment opportunities and 1,000 apprenticeships will be created during construction, EDF says.

In the East of England, the power plant will boost training and employment opportunities for young people and create long-term, well-paid jobs. Once operational, it will employ 900 people in high-skilled positions based in Suffolk.

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Up to 70% of the construction value will be spent with firms across the UK, including in the East of England, Wales, and in the North.

Sizewell will be a near replica of Hinkley Point C in Somerset which is delivering huge economic benefits to the South West and boosting the UK’s industrial capacity. Using the same design means Sizewell C will benefit from significantly reduced construction costs and lower risk. Innovative financing has the potential to reduce costs even further.

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Humphrey Cadoux-Hudson, managing director of Sizewell C said, at the time of application: “Sizewell C is a net zero infrastructure project ready to kick-start the economy following the Coronavirus crisis. It will offer thousands of high-quality job opportunities and long-term employment for people living in Suffolk and it will strengthen the nuclear supply chain across the country. On top of the economic benefits, Sizewell C will avoid 9 million tonnes of CO2 being pumped into the atmosphere each year. The project will play a key role in lowering emissions while helping the UK keep control of its low carbon future.”



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