A new benchmark for skiving cutter grinding from ANCA

The GCX Linear from ANCA CNC Machines offers a purpose-built solution for manufacturing and sharpening skiving cutters.

Adapted from ANCA’s proven top-of-the-range CNC grinder platform, the GCX Linear adds tailored features to finish all operations for skiving cutters and shaper cutters in a single setup.

Xiaoyu Wang, product manager at ANCA said: “ANCA is responding to the increasing popularity of skiving and resulting surge in demand for skiving cutters. We want our customers to have a complete solution for manufacturing and sharpening skiving cutters and the GCX Linear will set the new benchmark for skiving cutter grinding.

“Dressing the complex wheel profile is critical. ANCA developed the latest acoustic emission monitoring system (AEMS) which can be taught to pick up the harmonic ‘sweet-spot’ sound of optimum dressing even in a noisy production environment. Built upon supervised machine learning algorithms, AEMS ensures the wheel profile is dressed within micron accuracy in the least possible time while minimising the reduction in size.”

An ANCA innovation, Motion Temperature Control (MTC), is built into the motor spindle drive firmware. A smart control algorithm actively manages and maintains the temperature of motorised spindles in the GCX Linear.

Benefits delivered by this feature include: dramatically reduced machine warm-up time, meaning users can start grinding tools sooner knowing the machine has reached thermal stability which improves productivity and machine utilisation; and consistent thermal stability of the spindle over time regardless of changes in spindle load or speed or spindle cooling coolant temperature. This greatly improves dimensional stability of grinding results.



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