Latest 5-axis machine tech combined with CAD/CAM

SolidCAM UK has announced the arrival of a new CV5-500 machining centre, from machine tool partner Yamazaki Mazak at its technology centre in Barnsley.

The high-accuracy CNC machine is said to be an invaluable addition to the centre for demonstrating the power of simultaneous 5-axis technology.

The UK and Ireland CAD/CAM reseller, has welcomed the new 5-axis machine with open arms, into its facility in Barnsley, stating that the partnership between the two companies will provide the ultimate in total manufacturing solutions for manufacturers.

Visitors will be-able to witness first-hand how the high-speed, high-accuracy CNC machining centre, combined with the right software, can increase the productivity and efficiency of any workshop.

“The UK-made CV5-500 defines a new standard for 5-axis machining offering exceptional value, and paired with SolidCAM simultaneous 5-axis technology, provides remarkable results,” SolidCAM UK’s managing director Gordon Drysdale affirms.

The machine was showcased for the first time at the centre during SolidCAM UK’s ‘Live Cutting Seminar’ on 1st December 2022. The event provided networking opportunities for attendees, with leading technical partners, as well as SolidCAM UK’s expert application engineers.

The CV5-500 will be used to demonstrate tested and proven special 5-axis strategies and features such as barrel cutting, swarf machining, rotary machining, multi-blade machining, edge breaking, edge trimming, multi-axis machining, and port machining. The software’s user-friendly interface, collision checking and advanced control over all aspects of the toolpath will be witnessed during the software developer’s live cutting events, practical training sessions, and live cutting webinars.  

Gordon Drysdale adds: “This represents a significant investment for SolidCAM UK and a great addition to our technology centre. It gives our customers – existing and prospective – the opportunity to witness, during our live cutting events, the power of SolidCAM with iMachining and simultaneous 5-axis strategies. Mazak represents quality and performance in the marketplace and SolidCAM are proud to be associated with this superior brand name.”

Alan Mucklow, managing director UK, Eire and national distributors at Yamazaki Mazak, adds: “The CV5-500 can deliver a step-change in productivity for both seasoned 5-axis users, as well as those looking to take their first steps in the technology.

“From its high-rigidity bridge construction and newly designed constant overhang headstock, to its ergonomic design and easy integration with ancillary automation systems, the CV5-500 is every inch the modern machining centre. We are delighted SolidCAM UK has chosen to invest in a CV5-500 and look forward to working closely with the team and their customers.”

Mr Drysdale concludes: “In today’s manufacturing world, every single minute counts and SolidCAM UK prides itself in being able to provide best-in-class CAD/CAM software that controls CNC machines in the most efficient and productive way, as well as a technology centre of excellence that combines leading manufacturing technology solutions. 




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