Spring cleaning

Spring cleaning
Spring cleaning

Industrial finishing equipment manufacturer Guyson International has recently installed a 'Kerry' branded Microsolve 350 Co-Solvent cleaning system.

Industrial finishing equipment manufacturer Guyson International has recently installed a ‘Kerry' branded Microsolve 350 Co-Solvent cleaning system, along with a Guyson Multiblast T50 Tumbleblaster system, both manufactured at its North of England factory, into one of the largest independent spring manufacturers in the world.

Both Guyson machines have been installed to perform a dual function of providing higher levels of automation, whilst also improving product quality during the production of compression springs. The Microsolve 350 solvent cleaner is used to remove mineral drawing oil from the formed springs before heat treatment, followed by descaling in the T50 Tumbleblaster to produce an improved surface finish.

Guyson's ‘Kerry' Microsolve 350 Co-Solvent cleaning system provides two ultrasonic cleaning stages, both with filtration, followed by vapour rinsing and freeboard drying.

All Guyson Microsolves attain high cleaning standards yet keep running costs low. Solvent retention features specific to the Microsolve range include: triple coil reflux cooling; vapour break; 150% freeboard; and optional auto top-up and solvent monitoring. Full automation of the cleaning process is achieved through usage of an Autotrans Mk5 automated basket handling system coupled with roller load and unload conveyors.

A range of safety enclosures, designed to suit machine positioning and operational flow through of products is provided with all Microsolve machines, ensuring that systems are safe to operate and comply fully with the highest environmental and safety legislation.

After processing the springs in the Microsolve 350 the springs are now clean of mineral drawing oil, so when they go through the subsequent heat treatment process there is less underlying scale than was previously the case. Now batch descaling in the Guyson T50 Tumbleblaster is undertaken in less time than previously and less scale results in a better finish, reduced production time and less blast media usage.

The T50 Tumbleblaster has a maximum load capacity of 50kg and each batch is blasted by a cluster of three Guyson model 900 blast guns fitted to fully adjustable arms, allowing optimum blast coverage and a speedy batch time. The internal basket has 2.5mm perforations to allow blast media through and a series of internal paddles mounted on the back plate and sides to enhance the component tumbling action. Airwash is also provided so the springs can be removed from the basket totally free of blast media.

Once the blast cycle has finished the internal basket automatically finishes its cycle with the basket slide hatch pointing directly downwards in-line with the cabinet's drop down floor flap. Then a steel chute is clipped in place, the basket slide opened and the springs descend into the catchment bucket. To recommence blasting, the shute is unclipped and the basket slid back into place; then the basket refilled with another batch and the machine is ready to go again. Completing the blast system is a CY600/12 cyclone separator and Model C800 dust collector. The cyclone separator maintains a consistent grit size within the media stream to achieve consistent roughness level and is coupled to the cabinet via hardwearing rigid Polyurethane pipework. The cyclone separator creates a vortex of air that carries the heavier re-usable particles to the outside of the rotating air stream which collect in a storage hopper ready to be re-used, whilst the lighter remaining dust, fines and undersize media are separated and collected in the Guyson C800 twin cartridge dust collector.

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