Tebis version 4.1: ease of use with clear user guidance

Specialist provider of CAD/CAM and MES solutions, Tebis has released the latest version of CAD/CAM system 4.1 with a number of new features.

This is a powerful software system with a modern user interface for easy and straightforward operations. The clear structure ensures that users always have a handle on even complex manufacturing tasks.

Quickly find information in new structure tree

Tebis 4.1 users can organise their work completely through a practical structure tree. All activities are therefore traceable at all times.

Subdivide structure tree into CAD and CAM areas

Tebis CAD node contains CAD elements: when importing parts from a different system, users can instantly obtain a precise overview of a customer's input data. If parts or individual elements are designed with parametric/associative design within Tebis, the entire creation history is also visible in full detail.   

Tebis CAM node contains the Job Manager. Users have access to all CAM information such as NC machining operations and NC sequences and can directly use manufacturing-specific functions.

Customised user interface

Another benefit of Tebis 4.1 is the capability to personalise the user interface: you can individually configure toolbars and structure trees, adapting them precisely to individual requirements. The customised configurations can also be used as templates for company-wide standards.

Job Manager and NCJob technology: a complete NC program in just a few clicks

With the new Job Manager and Tebis NCJob technology, it is possible to create and manage all NC programs for all technologies to manufacture a part – from milling, to turning, to hardening. It reflects the entire manufacturing process with clearly structured operating sequences and guides through CAM programming.

It is also possible to define machining setups and to clamp parts on virtual machines. This allows users to quickly and easily generate finished NC programs.

Automatic filter function

Only the functions and parameters needed for the specific manufacturing tasks are displayed. Parameters that have been configured are handed over for subsequent programming tasks. Users can also directly access digital Tebis process libraries ensuring safe and efficient NC programs.

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