User dashboard now available from Tricorn Systems

Tricorn Dashboard - Sales2
Tricorn Dashboard - Sales2

Software developer Tricorn Systems, a subsidiary of Enterprises, has announced the availability of the Tricorn:Dashboard.

The Tricorn:Dashboard provides role-based information to Tricorn:Production users without the need to go searching for it. The Dashboard fills the application window with vital information to help run the business, and can be configured by the user to show information relevant to their role.

Tricorn cites some working examples:

The production manager can see what jobs are running late; what operations have taken longer than the estimated time; and receive scrap alerts from Tricorn’s shopfloor data collection module (SFDC).

The purchasing team can see purchase order chase lists, spend history and other data including materials below minimum stock levels. The sales team can view sales history, quotes to follow up and conversion rate. The quality team can view its KPIs such as on-time delivery and stock in quarantine. The storeman can see stock information and expected deliveries and accounts can view stock valuations.

Users can build their own dashboard by picking from a library of commonly used widgets – such as charts, lists, gauges and counters – which come pre-installed and ready to go. Widgets containing company sensitive data can be restricted to specific users and can also be customised to the user’s requirements/preference by changing chart types, colours, date ranges and search filters. If a widget highlights some data of interest, the user can drill right to it within Tricorn:Production – zooming to a specific from a chase list for example.

If users are running the Tricorn:Scheduler or Tricorn:Planning Board, information regarding overrunning jobs or projected late deliveries can be shown on the dashboard, giving the production manager advance warning and time to resolve any issues.

By displaying information when Tricorn:Production starts up, the dashboard is able to provide to-do lists or alert the user of potential issues straightaway without the need for running reports, saving time and money. A dedicated dashboard can be created without associating it with a specific Tricorn:Production user so that key data can be displayed on a large screen in the workshop and/or the administration office.

Tricorn says orders for the new interface were received from customers within minutes of announcing its availability. Peter Wood of JWA Tooling in Leicester who has been beta testing the dashboard commented: “Tricorn’s Dashboard gives us a great visual overview and complex reports at the click of a button. Never before have we had such a clear, easy to understand view of the data accumulated in Tricorn:Production, conveniently presented in graphs and charts that are simple to export and share with the team. We really look forward to seeing the development of the product that has already made our lives easier since the day it was installed.”

Tricorn Systems is one of the UK’s fastest growing suppliers of production control, workshop scheduling/planning and quality assurance solutions for the engineering and manufacturing industries with over 250 customers and more than 1,000 users.



Tricorn Systems

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