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Walter Tools 19022021
Walter Tools 19022021

With the arrival of the new T2710 Series, Walter is now extending the concept of its multiple-row thread milling cutters for producing shorter threads.

Thanks to small spaces between insert rows, the T2710 has been specially designed for the highly productive processing of thread depths up to 1.5 x D.

Even with short thread depths, the simultaneous machining of several thread sections by the new cutters reduces machining time significantly. Productivity is further amplified by the highly wear-resistant thread milling inserts of the Walter WSM37S Tiger-tec Silver grade.

Suitable for universal use, the rigid tool body incorporates multiple rows of indexable inserts developed specifically for thread milling. The tool body design has been optimised with minimal spaces between the insert rows to increase productivity levels when creating short threads.

The tool body and inserts are suitable for threads with a nominal diameter that starts from 20mm and upwards with a thread pitch range from 1.5 to 6mm and for imperial threads a TPI of 18 to 6. This gives the new Walter T2710 Series complete flexibility for threading both metric and imperial threads regardless of pitch and angle.

To meet the complete needs of industry, Walter has introduced several new inserts for threads from M125 to UN 5 inch, inserts with a pitch range from 6 to 10mm and 4 TPI as well as inserts with a 55° flank angle for BSP threads. The new additions add to the already available standard insert range that includes M24 to M125, UNC1 to UN5 and G1 to G3 1/2inch. Walter also has an extensive range of options for thread depths of 2 x D, 2.5 x D and also 3 x D.

The three-edge inserts incorporate a chip breaker groove and edge geometry that ensure a smooth cutting action with minimal cutting forces. This permits high cutting speeds and feeds per tooth while simultaneously reducing the radius corrections. For unfavourable conditions, Walter offers the thread milling inserts with a D61 geometry that provides an anti-vibration land.

In addition to the high productivity and low costs per thread, users benefit from high thread quality and process reliability with the T2710. The smooth cutting action and low deflection of the tool is created by both the easy-cutting geometry and the variable internal coolant supply.

The coolant supply can be directed both radially or axially, enabling customers to adapt the process for the machining of blind or through holes, optimally flushing the swarf from the thread.

The T2710 Series has been introduced for universal application with the rigid tool body providing the ideal platform for a range of inserts that are perfect for productive threading of steel, stainless steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metals, high-temperature alloys and even hardened steels up to 55HRc.

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