Cogsdill Nuneaton

The right tools for the job

Precision tooling specialist Cogsdill has been selected by Shrewsbury-based Sentinel Manufacturing to supply a package of Shefcut tools for producing tight tolerance features on a variety of components.
2 years ago

Mechanical burr removal on both sides in one pass

Deburring holes is usually a costly and time-consuming operation, with the back sides of holes being particularly difficult as they are frequently inaccessible with conventional deburring tools. Cogsdill eliminate the need to deburr by hand by providing different styles of tools to suit many applications.
2 years ago

Smooth surfaces without the strain

In this article Lee Donaldson, managing director of Nuneaton-based tooling specialist Cogsdill, discusses the benefits of burnishing tools for achieving even size and a super smooth surface finish on workpieces.
3 years ago

Cogsdill Universal Diamond Burnishing Tool on a Mazak Lathe

The latest addition to the Cogsdill Burnishing portfolio is the Universal Diamond Burnishing Tool (UDBT). Using Cogsdill’s proven diamond insert geometry, its premium range of burnishing tools can achieve low RA surface finishes by cold flowing the peaks into the valleys in one pass.
3 years ago

Cogsdill: Diamond burnishing tools

The Cogsdill Diamond Burnishing Tool is designed to produce high quality, low microinch burnished finishes on shafts, large bores, and faces.
4 years ago

ZX Systems by Cogsdill

ZX-Tools perform accurate lathe-type operations on traditional and RAM type horizontal boring mills.
4 years ago

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