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Automation & Robotics, EDM, Machining, Machining Centres, Quality & Inspection, Tooling & Workholding plus Subcontracting Services: Machined Components and Aerospace.

2nd MACH Preview

DEADLINE: Friday, 4th February

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Expert partnership for deep focus microscope solution

Vision Engineering, a leading British designer and manufacturer of high-quality non-contact measurement, digital 3D visualisation, and ergonomic inspection technologies, is partnering with Zeiss Industrial Microscopy to add an extended depth of focus inspection system to its range of microscopy systems for the first time.
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Get your Guaranteed Savings Report today!

We work with our clients to identify material savings opportunities that help increase productivity and drive efficiencies through the business. Our specialist team work hand in hand with your team.

We commit to target a 20% documented saving and underwrite 10% of this value – the guaranteed saving.

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Choosing the right wear resistance properties in steel explained

Wear exists in many different forms and is often specific to industrial applications and environmental factors. For example, a rock drill bit needs to withstand the impact of airborne rock particles, whereas the bolt-on edge of an excavator bucket needs to resist the effects of abrasive rock being dragged across it.
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