Nitron MC brochure

Nitron MC has a low friction coefficient and is widely used on gears to offer a smooth Graphite based coating that allows smooth meshing of gears, prolonging their life greatly.
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Nitron CA brochure

Nitron CA Has a high hardness of 2800 – 3000 Hv which allows forming of hard or thick materials. As with all our coatings, it can be used using our Duplex coating which incorporates a Hard Heat treated surface with a coating on top to give added hardness and support. Nitron CA also has a high operating temperature of 1050°C.
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Nitron DLC brochure

Nitron DLC is widely used on highly loaded automotive applications such as Cam followers, Buckets and Piston pins. Nitron DLC has a very low friction coefficient which can improve the life span of any component that has a sliding application. Along with Nitron Ti, it is widely used for their Biocompatibility. It is used on Prosthesis and other medical applications.
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Nitron C brochure

Nitron C is a harder wearing replacement for Hard Chrome Plating. As well as being hard wearing, it can be deposited on finished components ( average 1 – 4 µm ). This coating along with all of the other Wallwork offerings are FDA compliant.
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Nitron C Plus brochure

Specially developed to offer better corrosion resistance and release properties when forming metals, plastics & Powders. This allows higher production rates and less downtime. Follows tool geometry with no build up in corners or edges.
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The essential guide to 5-axis machining

5-axis CNC machining is quickly becoming the ‘gold standard’ in precision engineering, with many manufacturers recognising its benefits. It is particularly useful for industries that require complex components or rely on exacting tolerances and exceptionally high standards of production.
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Design considerations for CNC machined components

CNC machines offer engineers one of the most cost-effective ways to create complex parts, with exceptional levels of accuracy and repeatability. However, generating CAD designs for CNC machining can be challenging to prevent manufacturing inaccurate or defective components.
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Excetek's wire EDM machines

Excetek is the leading manufacturer of precision wire cut machines in Taiwan, providing world class quality machines across its range. The advanced technology, yet simple user interface, ensures an easy-to-use machine without sacrificing any precision or functions.
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