Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC)

MTC project to ramp up global fuel cell production

The Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) has joined forces with hydrogen technology pioneer Adelan in a project aiming at significantly ramping up fuel cell manufacturing capacity in the UK.
2 months ago

MTC to implement four-day week

The Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC), a leading research & technology organisation has announced it will permanently implement flexible working measures including a four-day week, following a large-scale, two-year trial which saw 50% of employees report higher productivity.
2 months ago

MTC to train Britishvolt apprentices

Apprentices at low-carbon battery manufacturing pioneer Britishvolt are to carry out their apprenticeship training at the Coventry-based Advanced Manufacturing Training Centre (AMTC) run by MTC Training.
3 months ago

MTC stages conference on AI and manufacturing

Some of UK's leading experts in artificial intelligence for manufacturing are being lined up to address a high-powered conference at the Manufacturing Technology Centre.
3 months ago

Spot the robotic dog helps out down on the farm

Robotics experts at the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) have developed an autonomous robot with potential to revolutionise agriculture. Combining robotics, automation, artificial intelligence and advanced vision systems, the robot can inspect crops for ripeness and quality and detect diseases and pests.
6 months ago

UK falls behind on reshoring despite pandemic

The UK has become increasingly reliant on manufacturing imports from Asian low-cost countries over the past four years, despite supply chain disruption due to the pandemic, according to the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC)’s inaugural UK Reshoring Index.
7 months ago

New managing director at the AMTC

A leading figure in vocational and technical learning has been appointed as managing director of the Advanced Manufacturing Training Centre (AMTC).
8 months ago

Getting on board with automation

If UK manufacturing is to close the persistent productivity gap with its competitors, it needs to adopt more robotics and automation.
8 months ago

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