Roemheld UK

New clamps for securing moulds and dies

A new range of seven double-acting arch clamps has been introduced by Roemheld for securing dies or moulds to the bed or ram of a die casting, injection moulding or other type of press.
7 months ago

Sensor-based clamping

Two German firms, 5-axis vertical machining centre manufacturer Wenzler (Heller group) and workholding equipment specialist Roemheld, have developed a process that allows a casting or other component to be secured ready for machining, while at the same time checking it for accuracy of form and position before machining starts.
1 year ago

Electromechanical vice for series production

A new, high precision, electrically actuated vice for securing workpieces on vertical, horizontal, 5-axis and mill-turn machining centres has been introduced by Roemheld UK. Operating functions of the Hilma AS 125 E can be integrated into the machine CNC system or regulated via a separate control.
1 year ago

Industry 4.0 pressworking

First shown last November at the Blechexpo 2019 exhibition in Stuttgart, a new Industry 4.0-ready system for automatically positioning and securing a tool on the ram of a power press and then feeding back production data has been launched in Britain and Ireland by Roemheld UK.
1 year ago

New robot gripper has services built-in

A robotic gripper with zero point clamping for automated pallet exchange on machining centre tables without their own media supply has been introduced by the Stark division of the Roemheld group. It is available in Britain and Ireland through subsidiary company Roemheld UK.
1 year ago

Fail-safe workholding

Roemheld UK has introduced pneumatically actuated swing clamps incorporating a mechanical locking action, whereby the full holding force – between 200 and 600N – is maintained in the case of air pressure reduction or loss, ensuring operator safety and avoiding the production of scrap. Operating pressure is between two and six bar.
2 years ago

Efficient production of sheet metalworking tools

German press brake tooling and guillotine shear blade manufacturer, UKB Uwe Krumm GmbH, Burbach, whose products range from 60mm to 6,000mm in length and weigh from a few hundred grams to several tonnes, has 14 machining centres on its shopfloor.
2 years ago

Punching round the block

Suitable for operating pressures up to 500 bar and temperatures to 200°C (optionally 250°C), a new range of compact hydraulic cylinders with block-type body and high load capacity has been introduced by Roemheld for use in punching and forming applications.
2 years ago

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