Walter EWAG

Phil Morris takes the reins at Walter Ewag UK

Phil Morris has been appointed sales director & general manager of Walter Ewag UK, succeeding Neil Whittingham who has retired after 35 years’ service with the organisation.
2 months ago

New grinder offers ultimate flexibility for tool production and regrinding

Whether for tool production or regrinding, as a cost-effective ‘basic’ machine or as a fully automated model, the new Walter Helitronic Mini Plus tool grinder can satisfy any need for the effective and efficient production of tools from 1 to 16mm diameter, machining even complex geometries in a single clamping, and a regrinding capability of up to 125mm diameter.
6 months ago

In-process precision

Laser Contour Check is the new non-contact cutting tool measurement innovation that ensures high-precision and fast in-process measurement of tool parameters in Walter tool grinding and eroding machines.
8 months ago

Keeping in touch with remote maintenance solutions

The potency of remote maintenance and customer assistance – especially harnessing the power of smartphones – has never been demonstrated more forcibly than during the past year when the coronavirus pandemic has forced lockdowns across the globe.
2 years ago

Smart tools for smartphones

With 95% of UK households having mobile phones, how often do subscribers stop and think about how that small but very powerful computer in their pocket is made? Very few, no doubt.
2 years ago

Embracing automation

The argument for the adoption of automation is unquestionable: automation not only fills any gaps in (and not necessarily always replaces) appropriately skilled human resources, but it also enables repetitive jobs to be consistently performed to the same high level, minute by minute, day by day. Nor does automation need to sleep and it doesn’t have refreshment breaks or holidays.
2 years ago

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