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amob 12052021
amob 12052021

Despite an onslaught of challenges faced in the manufacturing industry, Oxfordshire-based manufacturing company SST Technology has received its second custom tube manipulation machine from AMOB UK in 12 months.

SST Technology and AMOB UK (named after founder António Martins Oliveira Barros) are continuing to prove that through dedication and hard work, essential businesses can continue to work together strongly and safely, overcoming any obstacles to ensure critical industrial work continues.

Managing director of AMOB UK, Tom Wood says: “As vital suppliers to some of the world’s leading manufacturers, AMOB take their role as an essential business seriously. By continuing to provide the highest standard of tube and pipe bending solutions to the market, we’re proud to be playing our part to ensure that critical production lines remain running.”

The events of 2020/21 have forced companies to rethink the ways they do business in terms of customer and employee safety. For example, in terms of the recent installation at SST Technology, the two organisations overcame the travel limitations by performing a full FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) exclusively via online video calling.

This dual-part project saw two bespoke hydraulic mandrel benders made to accept SST’s substantial pre-existing tooling. They also needed to be capable of bending extremely thin (0.5mm) exotic alloys such as titanium and Inconel at a very tight inside diameter.

SST Technology is an established engineering business specialising in the design and manufacture of bespoke, advanced precision fabrications and thermal management systems for high-tech industries – particularly with products that are used in harsh environments where extreme temperatures, highly corrosive conditions, and severe vibration loads are experienced. This is exactly what made the CH-120-CN1 and CH-80-CN1 an ideal match for SST’s requirements.

AMOB’s CH series machines are the backbone of its tube and profile product offering. Their rigidity, stability and high precision in difficult conditions such as humidity or harsh temperatures is, what the company claims, ‘makes us stand out from the crowd’.

Machine installation at SST Technology

The two mandrel bending machines SST purchased have a capacity of 120mm and 80mm respectively, but AMOB supplies these machines around the world ranging from 10mm up to 120mm OD. Standard machines in this range serve a useful length of 6m regularly, but SST’s additional requirement was that they be bespoke in their size, and cut short to a length of 3m.

CH machines are suited for use in a wide range of pipe manufacturing sectors and industries. Available in three different versions, NC1, NC2, and fully CNC, the full spectrum of control vs automation is offered, providing freedom within the customer’s budget.

With the NC1, the most basic of control packages, only the bend rotation (Y-axis) will be controlled via automated methods. The next level, NC2, includes bend rotation (Z-axis), and also rotation control (Z-axis). Finally, the fully CNC version includes all features covered by NC1 and NC2 models, while also automating the carriage feed (X-axis).

For all levels of automation, the CH series comes equipped with AMOB’s easy-to-operate NC touchscreen control, and exclusively in the CNC version, the latest user-friendly 3D bending software which stores tooling configuration, allows spring-back compensation, and offers the latest anti-collision technology, amongst other features. There is also the option to add welding detection, punching, and cutting stations, and integrated loading and unloading systems if required.

“Such successful encounters during challenges times really helps galvanise professional relationships into strong lifelong partnerships,” enthuses Tom Morley, senior engineer at SST Technology.

“We worked closely with AMOB in the UK and also its manufacturing facility and headquarters in Portugal and we appreciate the company’s efforts in delivering this project – particularly in overcoming the difficulties imposed by the pandemic.

“Successes such as these prove that AMOB and many other essential businesses can continue to work together and support each other during these difficult times.”

Pedro Ferreira of AMOB UK adds: “Thanks are due to Tom Morley and the whole team at SST for all their hard work during both projects, and we look forward to an ongoing relationship going from strength to strength in the months and years to come.”

AMOB’s manufacturing facility is headquartered in Porto, Portugal, with the UK operation based in Coventry offering sales, service and support from a facility that includes offices, meeting rooms, a fully working showroom and a distribution warehouse.

AMOB’s product portfolio comprises tube and section bending machines, hydraulic presses and end forming and roll forming equipment: “We encourage customers to visit our showroom and test their own specific applications on our machines,” says AMOB UK’s marketing manager Tyler Murray. “This enables clients to choose the exact machine that is right for them, and with complete confidence in the product.

“With machines that we don’t stock in our showroom – such as high-end mandrel benders – we work closely with a network of customers around us in the Midlands – and indeed the whole country – that will allow us access to their workshops to demonstrate the machines. In our opinion, maintaining close professional relationships with our customers is what sets us apart in the marketplace,” he concludes.

AMOB UK https://amob.co.uk

SST Technology www.sstubetechnology.com



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