Air gauging streamlines measurement

Addmore Engineering has found the ideal way to measure safety and performance critical components with an air gauging system from Bowers Group.

As a family-run business which has supplied precision CNC turned and milled components for over 40 years, Addmore Engineering supplies precision components and sub-assemblies into the aerospace, automotive, hydraulic, motorsport, fastener, instrumentation, oil & gas, and medical sectors.

As critical components on braking systems where 100% of parts produced must be within tolerance, the accurate measurement of bolts manufactured by Addmore is of vital importance with no margin for error. The air gauging system from Bowers Group ensures that all quality requirements are met.

Ben Vasquez, managing director at Addmore Engineering says: “The Bowers air gauging system is the perfect solution for us because it standardises the measurement process and eliminates the potential for human error. The system allows multiple operators to accurately check the diameter of the components in minimal time, and the control panel gives a quick yes/no output that allows each bolt to be checked with guaranteed high precision results in a matter of seconds.”

Addmore Engineering manufactures in excess of 10,000 bolts every month so a fast, repeatable and user-friendly solution was key. The business had previously experienced some difficulties where operators were achieving inconsistent readings with micrometers – a significant problem when trying to measure 7µm tolerances.

The Bowers air gauging system allows members of the team to check component diameters in a short space of time, and the touchscreen display with its customisable interface is easy to read and interpret results. Using air flow volumes and pressures to measure parts, air gauging is a reliable, repeatable technology well suited to applications that demand sub-micron precision tolerancing.

The technology is flexible, enabling measurement of not only dimensions but geometric and relational characteristics such as squareness, parallelism, ovality, taper and straightness. Bowers air gauging systems provide a simple yet robust method of measurement with a myriad of measurement capabilities and its small footprint means it’s suitable for shopfloor conditions.

Ben Vasquez continues: “Personally, I have always been aware of the benefits of air gauging. During my apprenticeship I regularly used the older dial/clock-based systems. The advantage of the modern digital display however is that anybody can see if the component is correct just by looking at the colour.

“In addition, the sales and technical support from Bowers has been first class and we have already begun discussions about further projects.”

Addmore Engineering machines a wide range of components ranging from 0.5mm to over 350mm in diameter which are supplied into a variety of markets. With a machine shop consisting of 25 CNC turning machines, 14 CNC milling machines and three centreless grinders, the company offers high quality components to meet any specification and delivery requirements.

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Addmore Engineering 

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