Digital twin technology avoids collisions

Specialist CAD/CAM and MES solution provider Tebis is offering customers a fully integrated solution that detects and resolves potential collisions using digital twin technology in the CAM environment.
3 months ago

Smart manufacturing libraries with Tebis

Tebis is well known as a premium CAD/CAM and MES software company that offers advanced solutions for model, pattern, die and mould making as well as mechanical component manufacturing.
6 months ago

Tebis open house: ‘Bringing it all together’

This year’s Tebis open house took place from 1-2 June at the CAD/CAM specialist’s headquarters in Martinsried, Germany under the mantra ‘We bring it all together’. More than 400 visitors attended, along with a number of partners from Tebis’ technology network.
8 months ago

A CAM system for every need

High-quality results, automated processes, efficient work procedures and maximum safety in manufacturing – the demands on modern CAM systems are high.
9 months ago

Automotive model machining with Tebis software

Paul Scally, operations manager from Tebis UK explains CNC machining planning with Tebis virtual machine, importing a pre-defined manufacturing process template using both stored cutter technology and the virtual machine to calculate the toolpath on an automotive clay model.
9 months ago

Taking optimised manufacturing to the next level

The third release of Tebis 4.1 now comes with even more new developments which include: shorter programming times with improved NCJob technology, complete collision control accounting for material removal and automatic detection of 2D areas.
10 months ago

Intelligent manufacturing from Tebis – MACH 2022

Tebis, a specialist provider of CAD/CAM and MES solutions for mechanical component, model, pattern, die and mould manufacturing, will be displaying the latest release of Tebis CAD/CAM software Version 4.1 and ProLeiS MES.
11 months ago

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