Going deeper into deep hole drilling

Recognised as a world leader in hole making, Guhring has now reinforced its position with the publication of a new deep hole drilling catalogue.

The new publication is dedicated to the standard product lines in the deep hole drilling portfolio that are available from the Birmingham-based cutting tool manufacturer.

With more than 250 pages of new, expanded and existing deep hole drilling product lines, the new catalogue is crammed with all the latest lines that are all available off-the-shelf as standard. The breadth of the standard product ranges from Guhring sees this latest publication introduce deep hole drilling lines from 0.9mm to 52mm diameter with overall drill lengths of beyond 3m in variants that include solid carbide gun drills, brazed gun drills, modular drills, spiral fluted solid carbide and HSS drills as well as pilot drills and accessories. 

The highlights of the new information-packed catalogue include details on the EB100 and EB100M series. As the smallest and most robust of the Guhring lines, the EB100 is available from 0.9 to 16mm diameter with an 80xD that takes the flute length to 580mm.

Suitable for most material types, this brazed solid carbide single fluted gun drill is the ideal complement to the EB100M series. The EB100M is an ultra-precise variant for drilling particularly tight tolerance holes, and it offers an MQL shank end to further enhance performance.

Both drills are complemented by the EB80 and EB80 XXL brazed single fluted gun drills. These drills have been expanded with new forms and coatings added to the conventional series that covers hole diameters from 2 to 40mm with total drill lengths up to 3.6m.

The ZB80 series that was previously introduced specifically for cast-iron drilling has also been expanded with diameter ranges from 6 to 30mm and overall lengths up to 1m for this two-fluted brazed carbide specialist range.

Already perceived as ideal for flexible deep hole drilling, the Guhring EB800 single fluted gun drills with interchangeable inserts and guide pads have now been expanded further in this latest catalogue with more new insert grades, coatings and geometries to maximise hole making performance.

With each different drill body covering a 0.5mm diameter in the 12 to 52mm scope of the series, Guhring has now introduced expanded drill dimensions with new EB800 insert grades and coatings that are complemented by matching guide pad and inner insert upgrades.

Completing the drilling line-up is the HSS and solid carbide spiral fluted deep hole drills and the pilot drilling tools. With the pilot process being so critical to the precision and concentricity of the hole, Guhring presents a variety of options that include solid carbide and HSS stub-length drills, indexable drills, centre cutting end-mills and piloting end mills – all designated to maximise precision and performance.

In the new publication, Guhring has also included a wide range of accessories. This comprehensive range of additional extras includes everything from drill bushes, steady rest bushes, moulded steady rest bushes, sealing disks and plugs, adjustment screws, torque wrench sets and even drill grinding and re-sharpening equipment. 

Also incorporated is a technical section with tables, charts and useful data for maximising machining performance, offering information on drilling processes, pilot holes and drill bushes, coolant and lubrication data, head forms, re-grinding and re-tipping, application recommendations and more.



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