EMO 2023: a trio of new surface grinders for Okamoto

The Okamoto PSG-126CAiQ surface grinder
The Okamoto PSG-126CAiQ surface grinder

In Hall 1 on Stand E65 at EMO Hannover, grinding expert Okamoto will present a new addition to its ACC-CAiQ Series.

The range, with sizes from 600 x 400mm up to 1,000mm x 600mm, has been extended with the addition of three new larger heavy-duty sizes: the PSG-126CAiQ with a size of 1,200 x 600mm, the PSG-127CAiQ at 1,200 x 700mm, and the PSG-157CAiQ with a size of 1,500 x 700mm.

The new larger models benefit from an extremely robust heavy-duty main machine casting with a new moving column design which features a high-level column cross slide that further increases the rigidity and strength of the machine.

Starting with the 1.2m size, these larger machines are also delivered with a heavy-duty wheelhead together with a 15kW spindle motor and a 510mm diameter grinding wheel. Despite having a longer table stroke, the cycle time is reduced thanks to a ballscrew table drive with 40m/minute feed rate.

All CAiQ Series machines benefit from an extremely rigid main casting with fully supported slide ways to guarantee the highest stability and accuracy. Double V hand scraped table slideways ensure that the lubrication oil is perfectly distributed to ensure a flat surface and straight table movement.

The touchscreen FANUC control, that has proven popular with existing users of the CAiQ Series, has been further developed and made even quicker and easier to set both in production and in toolroom environments. The new Fanuc control offers an even faster response, with a larger high-definition touchscreen with sharper graphics.

Graphical representation of common user-friendly grind patterns and wheel shapes are quickly set-up directly on the touchscreen view panel with the help of the iQ function which can automatically set the optimal grinding conditions simply by entering the grinding wheel mesh/grit size.

Until now complex tasks in precision grinding depended very much on the experience of a skilled operator. The development of the Okamoto iQ touchscreen control and its easy-to-use software, coupled with the inherent mechanical accuracy of the column moving design, allows even unskilled operators to use the machine with optimum efficiency and precision.

The attractive two-tone colour and ergonomic design of the fully enclosed table cover, with interlocked sliding door, allows modern large volume high pressure coolant systems to be used, increasing productivity while keeping the workshop environment clean.

Bring on the Boxer

In Hannover, Okamoto will also exhibit the new IGM15NCIII-2B twin spindle ‘Boxer style’ internal grinder. The new machine features independently moving wheel spindles for different sized grinding wheels allowing multiple external and internal grinding operations with more flexibility and capacity, in the same loading to be carried out. 

The new IGM15NCIII-2B 'Boxer' style internal grinder

The IGM15NCIII-2B can swing up to 260mm diameter inside the chuck cover with a grinding length of around 125mm. Okamoto offers a wide selection of wheel spindles with speeds ranging from 6,000 to 60,000rpm. These are mounted in high rigidity quick change dovetail housings and driven via Fanuc high torque 2.2kw AC motors.

To further enhance the flexibility and capacity of the machine, the design also features a swing-down dressing arm, a 2-axis manual pulse generator handwheel with 0.1µm increment, and joystick control of the rapid feed of both axes.

To ensure maximum efficiency, the ‘Boxer’ is equipped with a coolant supply through the workhead and a programmable coolant flow to each wheel spindle and the dressing station.

The machine’s construction features a highly rigid large section bed structure with fully supported linear guide slideways for added stability. AC servo motors are directly coupled to the ballscrews for spindle and workhead infeed and high accuracy wheel positioning.

Like the other machines in the IGM-15NCIII Series, the new machine uses the latest FANUC 0i control with touchscreen interface and FANUC drives on all axes. Using the Okamoto Grinding Data Automatic Setting Function, with data input via the touchscreen operator user interface, complex workpieces featuring internal bores, tapered bores, external diameters, and shoulder faces can be easily and efficiently ground in one continuous cycle.

With the help of the expanded standard FANUC keyboard, ISO G code dress or grind programmes can also be set.

The Okamoto Grinding Data Automatic Setting Function automatically sets the most suitable grinding parameters after inputting just the wheel grain size and wheel width. The combination of this, an easy-to-use touch screen control, and a precise and robust mechanical design ensure the highest accuracy and efficiency.

Surface grinder with new probing capability

Finally, the grinding specialist will unveil a further development of the popular SA1 series, now with a control refresh and featuring the Quick Touch measuring system option.

Okamoto will be demonstrating the ACC-63SA1 surface grinder with the semi-automatic Quick Touch Measuring option that allows workpiece measuring directly on the machine. The measuring probe is quickly brought into operation at the touch of a button and is then used to automatically probe the workpiece height. 

Okamoto ACC-SA1 series surface grinder

The SA1 Series is available in 6 sizes: 500 x 200mm, 600 x 300mm, 600 x 400mm, 600 x 500mm, 800 x 400mm, and 1,000 x 500mm. The new control has an easy-to-use colour touchscreen which enables advanced surface grinding with automatic wheel dressing.

It provides a fully automatic grinding operation for standard surface grinding or shift plunge surface grinding for even higher productivity. The grinding method is selected via easily found touch buttons on the main panel. Feed rates and feed change points can be quickly set and easily adjusted at any time via the touchscreen. Table parking and wheel head retract at cycle finish are standard features to make the load/unload process faster.

Coupled with the touchscreen control are 1/10 Micron AC servo motor driven ballscrews in both axes with 2-axis DRO as standard. The grinding wheel is directly driven via an elastic coupling between motor and shaft that offers optimum power, precision and surface finish. Wheel speed inverter and wheel dressing from the table mounted diamond are standard.

The ACC-SA1 series sports a robust rigid cast iron construction with high static and dynamic stiffness and excellent dampening characteristics. The hydraulically driven table features double V slideways with minimal overhang and non-contact switches for table reversal. All slideways have automatic lubrication.

The exclusive UK distributor for Okamoto products is Lutterworth-based DF Precision Machinery.

Hall 11, Stand E65

DF Precision Machinery


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