Floyd is a star with new Alesa line

The Alesa Nutex Star from Floyd Automatic
The Alesa Nutex Star from Floyd Automatic

For the precision cutting of components and slots, Floyd Automatic Tooling has now introduced the new Nutex Star Mini system that complements the existing line of Nutex saws.

The latest addition to the Nutex system now incorporates a powerful interface with small shank diameters that helps to extend the application possibilities.

Available with a complete range of saw blade diameters and widths with a comprehensive selection of toolholders, the system is ideal for all machine shops. Precision cutting is assured with an innovative design that delivers precision, repeatability, ease of use and uncompromising tool life, regardless of the material being cut.

Precision cutting is derived from the saw and holder having an identically ground seven-cam interface which makes the mounting of blades a self-centring proposition that is backlash-free. Furthermore, the saws can be hollow ground or in the known ‘Plus’ design with a side relief angle.

The Alesa Star is easy to assemble
The Alesa Star is easy to assemble

The mounting process is rapidly conducted with precision thanks to a central screw system that enables fast and easy fitting on the long solid carbide holders. The seven-cam design also ensures that cutting forces are transmitted evenly and tangentially which enables significantly higher cutting forces to be transmitted through the system, especially when compared with systems that offer two, three or four driving cams. The benefit for the end-user is twofold with improved precision and process reliability, especially when cutting challenging materials such as aerospace or medical-grade alloys that demand increased torque.

To enhance swarf removal and prolong tool life, Alesa has developed the Nutex Star Mini system with through coolant supply which delivers coolant directly to the saw surface via internal cooling channels in the tool shanks. The shanks are manufactured from steel or optionally solid carbide to enhance rigidity, performance, vibration dampening and tool life. They are also cylindrically ground to h6 with the option of a Weldon design.

The carbide saws are available uncoated or TiNox coated to cater for a complete range of material types. The TiNox coated blades are available with a 15, 20, 25 or 32mm diameter with each diameter increment offering an effective cutting width of 0.5, 1, 1.5 and 2mm with the larger diameter saws also having 2.5 and 3mm increments.

The arbors and saws are available in two star interface types: the type GS10 provides maximum performance and the type GS07 has been developed for maximum groove depth. Also available from 15 to 32mm diameters, the uncoated saws provide an effective cutting width of 2, 2.1, 2.6, 2.7, 3.1 and 3.2mm depending upon the chosen saw blade.

The toolholders are available with a steel (Type A6) or solid carbide shank (Type A5) with diameters of 6, 8, 10, and 12mm with an overall length from 50.3mm to 111.6mm. The benefits of this impressive new system include the radial and axial assembly with a high repeat accuracy that is offered in a wide variety of cutting depths.

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