Second Kasto storage system for non-ferrous metals stockholder

Kasto 1403-2
Kasto 1403-2

Based in Bremen, Amco Metall Service stocks 7,000 tonnes of aluminium, copper, brass and bronze in its 55,000m² facility and delivers 25,000 tonnes annually to customers mainly in the plant building, metal processing, construction, transportation and shipbuilding sectors. The German family firm has 270 employees and an annual turnover of around €100 million.

Increasing demand for cut-to-size material meant that the company's service centre for semi-finished materials was running out of space. So to streamline efficiency for holding and picking material including billets and plate, the company installed a Unigrip 3.0 automated, honeycomb-type cassette storage system.

It was built by Kasto, located some 600km further south in Achern. Since then, Amco has enjoyed fast access to its materials, machined parts and remnants and has consequently increased its pre-machining and order picking productivity.

The Unigrip's storage and retrieval machine (SRM) travels longitudinally at up to120m/minute

Jan Hendrik Schmidt, managing director of Amco says: "Growth in this area of our business presented us with a challenge. We needed additional storage space to expand and also wanted to renew our conventional racking system.

"The new solution had to ensure high availability of metals and make efficient use of the available space. Sawing to length, 3- to 5-axis prismatic machining and picking also had to be interlinked with the system.

"To increase profitability, we were keen to avoid damage to material caused by handling and storage and we also wanted to reduce order picking costs."

Kasto was already a supplier to Amco, having manufactured and delivered a Unicompact 3.0 long goods storage system in 2013 that has proved successful in operation.

Mr Schmidt explains: "Kasto had particular advantages, notably the impressive degree of added value they offered compared to competitors, ranging from software development to the supply of spares.

"Existing, proven interfaces ensured simple integration into our ERP system and Kasto's employees gave us competent advice before we placed the order."

Material and remnants are fed from the Unigrip's output station to saws and machining centres before the pre-machined parts are despatched or returned to store to await delivery

The Unigrip 3.0 industrial store in Bremen has 1,365 storage locations and is 68m long, over 21m wide and 6.7m in height. Five types of cassette from 6.5 to 6.7m long and 1.6m wide hold the stockholder's materials, maximum load per cassette being three tonnes. The storage and retrieval machine (SRM) travels longitudinally at up to 120m/minute to ensure efficient material movement. Laser measuring ensures precise positioning and contour controls monitor that goods do not overhang and hinder their transfer.

Via a standard Profibus DP fieldbus, the proprietary Kastologic control orchestrates all functions including drive controllers, manual control units and weighing electronics. Amco can create or change data quickly and receives reliable information on inventories and cassette availability.

Storage zones can be managed to optimise the SRM’s travel routes. Incoming orders are automatically assigned to the relevant processing stations. The Unigrip then provides stock and remnants to the machine tools and subsequently stores pre-machined parts and remnants.

To speed fault diagnosis and help with operational problems, Kasto's service centre in Achern can access the storage system in Bremen remotely and control all functions of the Kastologic. Changes to the program or parameters can be carried out cost-effectively, without the need for Kasto staff to visit the site.

Mr Schmidt adds: "Our investment in the Kasto solution has paid off handsomely and our goals and expectations have been fully met. The storage facility perfectly fulfils its intended functions of storing material and as a buffer for holding pre-cut and machined parts, which are logically stored and accessed quickly and reliably."

He is also pleased with other process advantages. Damage to material during transportation and handling has been virtually eliminated and Amco has been able to reduce its fleet of forklift trucks significantly, as the storage system delivers the required materials to where they are needed.

Mr Schmidt concludes: "Cooperation between our staff and Kasto's employees is very positive. Technical optimisations during the running-in phase were quickly and fully completed and ongoing adjustments take place continuously and are efficiently supported by the supplier."




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