Micro drilling with precision

Recognised as a world-leading manufacturer of hole making products, Guhring has further extended its vast range of drills with the arrival of the new Micro Precision Drills.

Developed for precision drilling of challenging materials, the new Guhring drills deliver rigidity, stability, performance, and precision when drilling small holes.

Manufactured from a sub-micron ultra high-quality carbide substrate, the new drilling line is ideal for processing challenging materials such as stainless steel, heat-resistant steels, titanium and titanium alloys, Inconel, Hastelloy, Monel, copper, brass and bronze alloys.

Until now, this range of materials has proven particularly difficult to drill – especially in small diameters from 0.5 to 3mm. What enables the new Guhring Micro Precision Drills to process this wide range of materials is the strong carbide substrate and the innovative geometry which incorporates a ground facet point, concave cutting edge and web thinning – all in one drill.

This combination delivers outstanding performance as the special facet point increases the cutting data, so end users can process holes at higher speeds than ever before. Additionally, the concave cutting edge significantly improves chip evacuation – critical for small hole drilling where swarf clearance can cause performance issues.

The drills also incorporate Guhring’s next-generation coating technology that has exceptional heat resistance. This impervious coating technology maximises tool life and performance even when drilling the most difficult of materials, retaining edge performance for prolonged periods under the most demanding of conditions.

The h7 diameter tolerance Guhring Micro Precision Drills are available in drilling depths of 3, 6, 10, 15, and 20 x D. The drills are available in 0.05mm increments from 1mm to 3mm with additional diameter increments in the range for pre-threading and specialist hole requirements.

To maximise the performance of the new series, the drills are supplied with internal coolant channels that further enhance the swarf evacuation process and eliminate chip re-cutting – underpinning the increased cutting data credentials of the new drills.

For holes as small as 0.5mm diameter, the range also includes a 3 x D variant without through coolant. Like the through coolant drills in the range, these options are offered in 0.05mm increments up to 3mm.

This range is perfect for applications and machine tools where the machine tool doesn’t provide through coolant, as the solid carbide drills further extend the rigidity of the series on difficult applications.




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