New additions to popular end mill range

Mitsubishi Materials’ renowned range of solid carbide end mills includes the Alimaster series, designed specifically for ultra-high efficiency milling of aluminium alloys.

The latest additions to the series are a three flute square corner type – the A3SA/DLC3SA, and the A3SARB/DLC3SARB, a three flute corner radius type. Both types are available uncoated and also with the new DLC coating.

Development of the whole Alimaster range has progressed by optimising the micro grain carbide substrate together with the latest ideas in flute and cutting edge geometry. The combination of these features has been proven over time and has enabled Alimaster to gain an advantage in today’s highly competitive aluminium alloy material machining market. Some products in the range now come with a new and technologically advanced, eye-catching, DLC coating.

The coating provides high levels of welding resistance during high-speed machining and is especially effective when the coolant supply is reduced. Additionally, the low coefficient of friction reduces cutting resistance in all modes and helps to provide smooth chip evacuation to prevent the common problem of flute clogging when machining aluminium alloys at high feeds and speeds.

Helical holes maintain a stable coolant supply even after re-grinding. This means chip discharge during plunging, ramping and grooving have been significantly improved, for stable, high efficiency cutting.

Both of new Alimaster types feature irregular helix and polished flutes. The irregular flute geometry suppresses chatter to enable excellent surface finishes and the highly polished flute surfaces prevent built up edge and aid chip evacuation during full width cutting and plunging. In addition, the centre cutting edges have been optimised to provide extra strength and reliability even during plunging.

To complete the innovative range of features on all of the new types, a smooth radius geometry is formed at the exit of the flutes that prevents tool overlap marks on the workpiece after deep wall machining.

The A3SA/DLC3SA square corner type is available from 12-25mm diameter and the A3SARB/DLC3SARB also in diameters 12 - 25mm with a range of corner radii from 1 - 5mm.

Mitsubishi Materials

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