New additions at the Digital Manufacturing Centre thanks to Laser Lines

Phil Craxford (left) and Mark Tyrtania from Laser Lines who have supplied the Stratasys Neo800 SLA 3D printer to the Digital Manufacturing Centre in Silverstone
Phil Craxford (left) and Mark Tyrtania from Laser Lines who have supplied the Stratasys Neo800 SLA 3D printer to the Digital Manufacturing Centre in Silverstone

Manufacturers wanting to witness a Stratasys Neo800 SLA 3D printer in action in a live production environment can do so at the Digital Manufacturing Centre (DMC) in Silverstone thanks to Laser Lines.

The machine is joining other machines installed by the supplier over the past 24 months, including the Stratasys H350, the Stratasys F770 and the DyeMansion post-processing workflow. Also, shortly due to join the range is the Stratasys Neo 450S, the smaller version of the SLA 3D printer.

Every Neo machine comes with Titanium software that makes manufacturing parts and managing print jobs easy. Featuring a build time estimator, material usage estimator and build validator, the Titanium software leverages the cameras built into the Neo printer to help keep track of running jobs. It also helps to prolong material longevity by prompting the user to take regular viscosity readings and log the results.

With a large 800 x 800 x 600mm build platform, users can create large parts on the Neo800 with an exceptional surface finish, partly due to the system’s 2-Watt laser which has a dynamic beam shape control that maintains maximum productivity and quality. The powerful system offers higher productivity with greater cost efficiencies.

The Neo800 can help reduce finishing time by up to 50% and uses an open material system that lets users work with any 355nm SL resin. In addition, the Neo 3D printers can run with these technically advanced stereolithography materials: Somos Watershed XC 11122, Somos PerFORM, Somos Taurus, Somos Evolve, Somos Waterclear and Somos PerFORM Reflect.

Mark Tyrtania, sales director at Laser Lines, said: “The Stratasys Neo800 is a dependable, high-performance machine used in industries as diverse as Formula One, service bureaus, universities and automotive environments. To be able to demonstrate this capability in a live production environment and show the results to new and existing customers is a great resource. Currently, at the DMC, the Neo800 is running with Somos PerFORM Reflect, which is a ceramic-loaded resin used for wind tunnel models and tooling applications.”

Nigel Robinson, COO at the DMC, commented: “The Stratasys Neo800 is a key part of our additive manufacturing capabilities at the DMC. It’s a high-performance machine used in a wide range of different industries and provides us with the reliability and dependability to deliver high-quality projects for our customers.”

Mr Tyrtania added: “Our collaboration with the DMC with the Stratasys Neo and other systems we have installed there enables customers to choose the best system for their needs, and to be able to compare and ask questions. Customers wanting to see the Stratasys Neo or any of the Stratasys solutions at the DMC, should call Laser Lines on 01295 672599.”

The DMC is a sector-agnostic, digital production facility with a focus on engineering-led solutions. It has many customers in the automotive, aerospace and medical industries but the facility can be used by all market sectors.

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