New insert grades benefit from increased aluminium

The MV1020 and MV1030 milling inserts
The MV1020 and MV1030 milling inserts

Mitsubishi Materials has developed a special series of grades that reaches across both milling and turning applications.

The key feature of these innovative grades is due to the adoption of the newly developed AL-Rich (aluminium) coating method. This advanced CVD coating of aluminium titanium nitride (Al,Ti)N is a compound of aluminium and titanium that is widely used as a coating for advanced cutting tools because of its extremely hard and heat-resistant properties.

The hardness of (Al,Ti)N increases as the aluminium content ratio increases, but with conventional technology, when the aluminium content ratio exceeds 60%, the crystal structure changes and the hardness of (Al,Ti)N decreases.

The new MV9005 turning inserts
The new MV9005 turning inserts

However, using a new coating process based on Mitsubishi Materials’ own original technology the Al-Rich coating does not change its crystal structure even when the aluminium content rises. This enables a higher aluminium content and a provides a greater hardness (Al,Ti)N.

The MV1000 series includes two new grades for milling: MV1020 and MV1030 for machining a wide range of materials from alloy and stainless steels through to cast iron. The turning grade (MV9005) specialises in the high efficiency machining of heat resistant super alloys.

The MV1020 milling grade has advanced wear and thermal shock resistance and also achieves stable cutting at high cutting speeds, especially when machining steel and ductile cast iron, thus greatly reducing work time.

Its sister MV1030 grade has an Al-Rich coating that provides excellent wear resistance. It was also found that it has a high resistance against sudden breakage, especially during problematic wet cutting or when machining stainless steels.

The combination of atoms with different sizes (Aluminium red, Titanium orange) creates an exceptionally hard crystal structure with Mitsubishi’s new grades
The combination of atoms with different sizes (Aluminium red, Titanium orange) creates an exceptionally hard crystal structure with Mitsubishi’s new grades

MV inserts are extremely versatile and are available for WWX, WSX, WJX, WSF, VPX, AHX and ASX cutters.

When it comes to turning the MV9005 grade is said to exceed all current standards when machining heat resistant super alloys. A range of negative and positive inserts and five different chip breakers ensure the optimum combination for efficient turning can be achieved. Cutting speeds up to 110m/minute are attainable in some applications.

Negative geometry inserts CNMG, DNMG, SNMG, TNMG and VNMG types are available together with a 7º RCMT and RCMX positive geometry types in these grades.

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