New saws mean more productivity

The HBE Dynamic bandsaw series from Behringer is heralded by Simon Smith, managing director of Pitstone, Bedfordshire-based Behringer Ltd as the answer to ever growing market demands for more efficient, more economical and more precise sawing machines.

“Increased performance coupled with reduced energy consumption, a smaller footprint, and improved occupational safety without compromising handling simplicity were only part of the product brief for the development team working on this new series of machines,” he recalls.

Available in five model types: 261, 321, 411, 511 and 663A with corresponding cutting ranges, the HBE Dynamic series covers a broad application spectrum for the steel trade, toolmaking companies and high-end metalworking shops.

With an impressive tool life of over 400 sawing cuts in 200mm diameter 42CrMo4 material for example, the new HBE261A Dynamic takes the most stringent demands in its stride. Playing a key role in this performance are proven Behringer features such as improved cutting pressure control, which helps prevent tool overload. A stable saw frame constructed from vibration-damped grey cast iron and double-sided bearings for the bandwheels keep noise levels to a minimum and cutting precision optimised.

Tests have revealed increases in tool life of up to 30%, with a visible improvement in the quality of cut surfaces. The inclined position of the bandwheels also helps protect the bandsaw blades as a result of reduced flexural stress.

Production processes using minimal resources and high levels of energy efficiency are prerequisite requirements in modern manufacturing environments. Rising energy prices mean that companies are having to rethink their existing processes and develop innovative technological solutions to achieve higher output with lower energy input.

“With the new HBE Dynamic series, we are proving that energy efficiency and high performance hydraulics are not a contradiction in terms,” explains Christian Behringer. “Through the use of state-of-the-art frequency controlled drive systems and application-centric gear speeds, a simple kW motor output specification is no longer any guarantee of high cutting output. In the HBE 261A Dynamic, for instance, a saw drive with 2.6kW permits high machine throughput coupled with a low energy requirement – resulting in highly efficient production.


Based on the recently re-engineered HBM440A automatic bandsaw; with the HBM540A Behringer offers an additional high performance machine with a wider cutting range of 540mm. Also available are three models for aluminium cutting with cutting ranges between 440 and 800mm.

The saw features a modern design coupled with high performance levels – ideally suited to the processing of a wide range of metallic solid materials, pipes and profiles. With a cutting range of up to 440mm diameter in round material and 630 by 540mm for square, the HBM540A can be used with either bimetal or carbide saw blades. The modular structure guarantees high build quality as the sawing unit, material clamping unit and feed unit are pre-assembled separately.

An interesting feature of the machine is the capability to tilt the saw frame towards the operator, which significantly simplifies saw blade changeover. An additional benefit for users needing to saw increasing quantities of square or sectional material is that the modular structure of the machine permits a saw blade incline up to 4°.

In addition to its HBM and HBE range of machines, Behringer also manufactures a comprehensive range of steel processing equipment comprising: standalone mitre cutting band sawing lines; straight cutting semi-automatic bandsawing systems; small to large plate processing and angle line machines; compact drilling systems; and robotic profiling systems.

It also offers a comprehensive range of Behringer Eisele circular sawing machines and enjoys a longstanding partnership with Rösler GmbH which specialises in the manufacture of surface finishing equipment.



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