Optimising coolant performance

Optimising coolant performance
Optimising coolant performance

How do engineering companies view the use of metalworking coolants? It's fair to say that in some cases these fluids are treated as the poor relation in the machining process, and at best are seen as a necessary evil.

But could some companies be missing out on increased productivity and profitability by not optimising the use of their coolants? The French owned Siebec group says this is often the case. The coolant equipment supplier has been designing and manufacturing quality pumps and filtration equipment for industrial use since 1953. In the UK the metal finishing industry has been the sole beneficiary of Siebec products, however, this year it has launched the M-Pure range. Aimed at the machine tool industry and its use of cutting fluids, M-Pure is centred on the philosophy of fluid optimisation both in-use and at the end of the lifecycle.

So what is fluid optimisation, what is the Siebec M-Pure range and how do the two elements fits together? Optimisation can be described as: ‘finding the most cost-effective or highest achievable performance under the given constraints by maximising desired factors and minimising undesired factors.'

Relating this to fluid use, Siebec has examined the different facets of coolants in the machining process from the beginning to the end of its lifecycle. This can be categorised into two distinct areas: ‘in-process' is the point at which the fluid is providing a vital function during machining, and ‘end-of-pipe' is the point at which the coolant is ready for disposal.

Fluid optimisation can maximise the performance of the coolant in-process and also extend the end-of-pipe lifespan of the coolant through recycling. The benefits associated with fluid optimisation are increased production performance and savings, in conjunction with a raised health and safety and environmental profile.

By adopting this fluid optimisation philosophy Siebec has developed the M-Pure range to remove the major coolant contaminants such as metal particulates, tramp oil, and microbial contamination which contribute significantly to coolant breakdown.

Designed to remove these contaminants in a most efficient and effective way, the flexibility and interchangeable nature of the M-Pure range means that different technologies can be added or removed without the need to change the system completely. In addition to particulate and tramp oil removal there is a non-chemical microbial control option which contains a patented UV technology specifically developed for the treatment of opaque fluids.

The inclusion of this option is in response to the ever tightening legislation and health and safety concerns surrounding traditional biocides. The M-Pure range can be utilised for both in-process and end-of-pipe fluid recycling, and Siebec can provide both turnkey and bespoke options depending on the requirements of the customer.

Finally, it should be noted that fluid optimisation is not just concerned with removal of contaminants within the coolants, but also about optimising the management of the coolant through regular testing, machine cleanout schedules, and fluid recycling protocols. The team at Siebec says it has extensive knowledge of metalworking coolants and can advise and offer solutions for every area of fluid optimisation.


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