The right combination

The ability to satisfy a short delivery requirement by combining deep hole drilling and milling operations into a single operational cycle has resulted in Mollart Engineering’s subcontract division securing orders from a UK automotive company to produce a family of mould blanks having up to 30 interconnecting cooling holes drilled from five faces of the component.

Mike Pragnell, operations director of the Chessington facility, comments: “There are 16 different moulds in the family that range in size from 2,000mm x 1,500mm x 300mm to 750mm x 750mm x 100mm.

“Because of our in-house development of a 5-axis Centeplex and two 4-axis Prismabore PRB machines, each having individual spindles one for deep hole drilling and the other for CNC milling, we are able to mill faces and features, drill, thread mill portings and create sealing faces in a single operation on parts weighing up to five tonnes. This has given us an important advantage in this type of application.”

Each of the heat treatable steel moulds had a variety of 16mm diameter holes for water cooling with depths up to 1,500mm. Most of the holes were interconnecting to enable efficient water flow and here the gundrill process ensures accurate breakthrough with minimal runout (normally within 0.025mm per 25mm depth) that reduces any mismatch.

Mollart has the capability to drill deep holes between 0.5mm and 60mm diameter on these multi-axis combination machines to depths of 3,000mm and at compound angles up to ±15°. However, with probing to re-datum the workpiece, parts can be indexed 180° around the machine table and drilled from the opposite end to enable overall drilling depths of 6,000mm to be attained.


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Approved to BS EN 9100: 2009 & ISO 9001:2008 standards, Hone-All Precision specialise in Deep Hole Boring, CNC Gundrilling, Deep Hole Drilling, CNC Turning, and CNC Honing and also manufacture bespoke rollers for the print, packaging and converting industries. Continual investment and improvement combined with a commitment to excellent customer service, flexibility and absolute quality all contribute to their ongoing success.
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Sales success from across the Pond

The ability to respond to a major surge in automotive die and mould contracts, mostly from North America for Mollart Engineering, has been enhanced with the full integration of specialist multi-axis deep hole drilling software able to increase application and programming capability for multiple side approach, compound angle and specific interconnecting hole and feature targeting.
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Deep investment

Mollart Engineering has invested over £600,000 to expand its BTA heavy-duty deep hole drilling operation with the development of a new generation BTA deep hole drilling machine.
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