Third time maestro

One of the world's leading manufacturers of automatic bar feeders for CNC lathes, the Italian company Iemca, has introduced a third model to its Maestro range.

All are designed to maximise productivity on fixed-headstock lathes and offer unattended production around the clock. They are available in the UK and Ireland through sole agent 1st Machine Tool Accessories based in Salisbury.

The two existing models can handle round stock up to 100mm diameter. They are both capable of bar changeovers in 31 seconds, as is the new Maestro 52, which is designed for smaller lathes running material up to 51mm diameter, 42mm hex and 36mm square. Bars up to 4.2m in length to a maximum combined weight of 100kg can be loaded.

Among the innovative design features incorporated into the new bar feeder, three have been granted patents. One named ABACOS (Adaptive BAr COntrol System), is a self-adjusting bar clamping arrangement designed to guide the material, damp vibrations and tighten on the pusher, all without changing the guide channel.

Vibration is also avoided by another patented feature, the Vibra-Damp Collet with interchangeable inserts. This restricts bar oscillation by reducing their amplitude and lowers bending and torsional stresses on the bar.

A third patent has been granted for the HandyLoq quick change collet system, which allows manual exchange within three seconds without the need to use tools.

Additional advantages of all Maestro bar feeders are Industry 4.0 data sharing as an option and a choice of bar loading systems including an UP magazine that allows material to be presented at an ergonomic height. Built in boxes at the front facilitate access to the electrics, lubrication system and tools, and there is a drawer for storing remnants.

The Maestro is supplied with a modern, 7-inch touchscreen control that has the ability to adjust the magazine automatically for a new bar size, making it quick and user friendly.

1st Machine Tool Accessories

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