Tool grinding automation advances – MACH 2022

At this year’s MACH attendees can get a chance to see the ANCA MX7 Linear tool grinder, a powerful, versatile CNC machine tool designed for production grinding.

The MX7 is built to meet the demands of high output, high precision manufacturing. The powerful 38kW (51hp) permanent magnet spindle provides high torque at lower rpm which is ideal for carbide grinding and a wide range of other applications.

The MX7 Linear with RFID (radio frequency identification) technology is a hard-working, high productivity system with a range of features that enable it to handle varied batch sizes with minimum set-up time. The new cylindrical linear motor design increases reliability further and ensures a superior surface finish.

With RFID technology, a tool ready to be ground can be assigned the required programming information at a programming station which is then coupled with an RFID tag. A loading system then picks up the tool together with the RFID tag, scans the tag and then automatically calls up the grinding programme. The tag is then parked while the tool is loaded into the CNC machine and reground.

For metrology the MX7’s LaserPlus system provides accurate and repeatable measurement of tools inside the machine. The LaserPlus can automatically measure OD, run-out, EOT, ball nose and corner radius profile tools. Typically, the LaserPlus can achieve ±3µm accuracy or better. Additionally, an air blast unit ensures that coolant or contaminants are cleaned from the tool to ensure nothing hinders the measurement process.

The MX Linear range uses ANCA LinX linear motors for axis motion (X- and Y-axes). In conjunction with linear scales, a high level of machine precision and performance can be achieved, resulting in excellent tool accuracy and surface finish. With LinX linear motors there is no loss of machine accuracy over time due to wear and it is not affected by temperature variations. The LinX linear motor has higher axis speed and acceleration leading to reduced cycle times. It achieves this while maintaining a smooth axis motion.

With two pallets in the machine, the ANCA MX 7 Linear can accommodate up to 200 tools. It can also be combined with ANCA’S range of automation systems including robot loading for lights out and extended hours grinding.

The MX7 with RFID technology and new LaserUltra fast in-process measuring system can be seen live in action at MACH 2022.

ANCA CNC grinders are used for manufacturing precision cutting tools and components across a diverse range of competitive industries including cutting tool manufacturers, power generation, woodworking, automotive, aerospace, electronics and medical.

The tool grinding machine builder was founded in 1974 in Melbourne, Australia where the company still has its global headquarters. ANCA Europe has its main technology centre in Weinheim, Germany and a smaller facility in Coventry with expert teams covering service and sales, applications, customer training, operations, engineering, finance and administration.

Hall 20, Stand 132

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