GF maps out sustainability strategy

GF Machining Solutions has created three inter-connected pillars within its the new business strategy to address issues of sustainability.

The three aims of GF’s ‘Strategy 2025’ include: sustainability within its product portfolio; climate and resource planning and staff well-being.

Blaise Mahieu, head of quality and sustainability at the machine tool builder, says sustainable growth will be achieved via a global approach much wider than just reducing energy consumption.

The first pillar, ‘Product Portfolio’, requires constant innovation to ensure GF Machining Solutions’ products and services have sustainable lifecycles.

The second pillar, ‘Climate and Resources’, translates into decoupling resource consumption from growth.

The third pillar, ‘People and Well-being’, focuses on creating diverse, engaging and safe workplaces.

GF Machining Solutions has broken down these three pillars into specific sustainability objectives.

For example, the company has been able to reduce energy consumption by over 30% in the manufacture of its CUT P series of wire- EDM machines and is aiming to go further and target energy consumption savings of 45% by 2025.

In fact, the company plans to provide customers with significant and tangible environmental benefits across all of its new products. Sustainability will be achieved early on in the design stage and will focus not just on machine construction but also on the machining process itself.

Processes with adverse environmental effects will be replaced by more efficient, greener solutions and, wherever possible, GF Machining Solutions will develop recycling processes and foster a circular economy. An example of this is Laser technology, which can replace the chemical etching process, eliminating hazardous substances.

Regarding the second pillar of the sustainability strategy, GF Machining Solutions is also active in the reduction of resources within its facilities.

This includes undertaking examination, across its different locations, to identify opportunities for energy saving. The company is also investing in greener solutions, securing and sourcing greener electricity or creating its own energy.

For example, in one of its Swiss-based manufacturing locations, up to 15% of electricity requirements will be met by solar energy, with the ultimate objective to become CO2 neutral in the near future.

The goal of the third pillar is to create safe workplaces by further reducing accident rates, encouraging diversity, and making company premises pleasant for employees and new recruits.

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