New Iscar tool family targets high efficiency face milling

Iscar recently introduced a new family of tools designed for rough and semi-finishing operations intended for highly efficient face milling applications, primarily for steel and cast-iron.

The Helido S890 tool line offers versatile and cost-effective tools for productive milling of varying cutting conditions.

The new Helido face mills feature a 90-degree cutting edge angle and mount double-sided square inserts with 8 cutting edges. The new cutters have a face mill design configuration and are available in a diameter range of 40-125mm.

The advanced design of the face mills combines a strong insert structure, a durable cutter body, secure mounting, and advanced carbide grades. This innovative solution enables face and square shoulder milling while providing an additional option for milling close to shoulders where there are workpiece or work holding fixture constraints.

The machined materials are mainly ISO P (steel, ferritic and martensitic stainless steel) and ISO K (cast iron) application groups, machining results.


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