Wogaard celebrates the installation of over 10,000 coolant saver units

Coolant saver specialist Wogaard is celebrating a critical milestone: the installation of over 10,000 coolant saver units worldwide, creating a total saving of 172,000,000 litres of coolant.

This achievement was driven by the company’s commitment to the environment and its goal to enhance sustainability practices in the manufacturing industry. The team behind Wogaard is delighted that its coolant savers have achieved this level of recognition in the global manufacturing sector.

With environmental targets increasingly on the agenda, businesses have embraced the potential of Wogaard’s technology to help them reduce, reuse and recycle the coolant drawn out into the swarf bins from conveyors. The company’s success so far is a big win for manufacturing as a whole, as evidenced by praise for the technology from the likes of Seco Tools, Mettis Aerospace, Renishaw, Technoset, Progressive Technology and many others.

Companies value how easy the technology is to install, the cost savings it delivers and its transformative impact on the shopfloor.

Reaching the 10,000 unit mark is proof that making steps forward in sustainability doesn’t have to be costly or disruptive. Manufacturers looking to shrink their carbon footprint are doing so affordably and with minimal disruption through the coolant saving technology. The units are helping to reduce costs and prolong the life of equipment, while also lowering the demands of coolant and swarf handling and providing higher swarf value.

While Wogaard’s coolant saver units reclaim soluble coolant that accumulates in swarf bins, returning it into the machine's main reservoir, their oil saver units provide the same benefits with neat oil.

It’s been quite a journey from the launch of the company’s first unit just over ten years ago to the installation of many thousands of units now helping companies to reduce their environmental impact, lower costs and prolong the life of their equipment, delivering not only sustainability benefits but also financial benefits and time savings for the manufacturing sector as a whole.

Reaching 10,000 installations of its coolant saver unit marks a critical stage in Wogaard’s 10+ years of supporting manufacturers. It all began when Founders Preben and Christian Woergaard recognised the impact of coolant wastage created by CNC machines on the environment and on companies’ costs.

To tackle this issue, they developed a ground-breaking solution that harnesses wasted power from the machines themselves, eliminating the need for additional energy usage and costs. Their innovation means that companies can now save up to 50% in new coolant purchases, due to coolant being reused from the same machine. Businesses also see a significant reduction - up to 90% - in disposal costs. As both types of units are automated, manufacturers also benefit from maximised labour costs because there’s no need for operators to manually drain the coolant.

However, this achievement is just one part of the story.  As well as manufacturing coolant saver, Wogaard also helps companies to resolve challenges with cutting fluids. So as well as enabling businesses to improve their carbon footprint, its products also keep the areas around CNC machines clear of oil, spillages and potentially hazardous vapours, making the shopfloor safer for the whole workforce.

The Wogaard team is working hard to help enhance health and safety on the factory floor in other ways, for example with the upcoming launch of the innovative Beacon UV disinfecting solution.

This automates the process of reducing dangerous levels of bacteria in soluble coolant to levels that comply with HSE requirements for safe working, making the workplace safer for operators as well as cutting coolant, disposal and cleaning costs.

Wogaard is also helping to enhance health and safety for manufacturers with its Keep-it-Covered swarf bin protector which safeguards against exposure to potentially harmful metalworking fluid vapours.

Legislation relating to sustainability has grown even more rigorous since Wogaard started out over a decade ago. The company continues to innovate to help its clients keep up with these changes. With manufacturers facing a range of market and financial pressures, Wogaard is also focused on helping to save costs and maximise budgets.

While the team behind Wogaard is proud to hit the 10,000 unit mark, it has its sights set on the future. The focus remains firmly on ‘greening’ the manufacturing industry through innovation, helping businesses to operate more sustainably and achieve cost savings at the same time.

The Wogaard team will be exhibiting at the MACH show in April.

Hall 20, Stand 40



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